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The No Rules Family Fun Night You Will Enjoy Together (All Ages)
The No Rules Family Fun Night You Will Enjoy Together (All Ages)
23 Jul 2021

For one night only, you get to bend the rules! A 'no-rules night' is something any family or couple will need once in a while to let loose and have fun.

The only rule is to not break any but bend them. Here is how you can get started.


What does it mean to have a ‘no-rules’ night?

This meant to take place for one night only. You get to choose whether you want it to happen once every weekend or once a month. The aim is to bend all the rules that you usually have to have fun and let loose. However, make sure that this is done in a safe environment that will not cause injury. There are many ways you can do this which is why we want to get you started on some fun ideas.


Noise hour

You may want to alert the neighbours on this one to avoid any angry complaints. You can set aside 30 minutes to an hour to have a noise hour where you get to be as loud as you want. This can be in the form of music, a good screaming session (maybe not longer than 30 minutes to avoid damaging your pipes, or a crazy game of pillow fight in one part of the house. Choose a time when people are not sleeping and make sure that you get the green light from the neighbours. 


The odd meal

For those who have been itching to try something different when it comes to meals such as having breakfast for supper, and ice cream for breakfast or eating a guilty pleasure meal without the guilt? This is the one for you. It is always best to discuss this beforehand, especially if you have children. There will be some control needed to avoid descending into absolute chaos.


The dare jar

Breaking out of a routine for fun ideas can be difficult, which is why a dare jar is a must-have. This can come in handy for any family or date night. Depending on the audience, these will have to be age appropriate. You can do this together by having a jar and writing down the things you would like to dare someone on your 'no-rules' night. No peeping or cheating. There is no saying no to this one. The only way is to sit this one out entirely if you are not too keen on dares. 


The all-nighter

Pulling an all-nighter to watch the sunrise, if you are still awake to do so, is also something to consider. Having things to do throughout the night can help people stay awake and watch as the night unfolds. But be warned, you may need the next day to recover. Therefore, always carry out a no rules night on a Friday evening or Saturday to give you enough time to recover.


Let the fun begin!

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