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Protect your family's future with a Will
Why you need a Will
No one likes to think about death, but, considering how hard you work for the things you have or the things you plan to have one day, wouldn’t you like to decide who should get your house, or the family heirlooms that you hope to pass down from generation to generation? A will saves your partner or loved ones having to manage the administrative, legal and tax problems that you have left, and possibly even financial losses whilst they are still grieving your loss.

Instead, why not celebrate your life and celebrate that you have a choice to determine how your death will be managed. How? Creating a will. There is no time like the present and MiWayLife are giving you the opportunity to write your own will with MiWill.

Reasons for having a Will in place
Save Time
Winding up your estate can take a long time if you do not have an executor. Having a will ensures the government does not control that process.
You Decide
A Will will ensure that your wishes are carried out upon your death, and you decide who inherits what.
Avoid Conflict
When your Will has not been documented, family feuds can break out. Having a will helps your family avoid these difficult situations.
Look after your Children
Avoid having your children's inheritance pass on to a Government Guardian rather than to a Trust that will ensure your wishes for them are carried out.
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