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Fun Family Date Nights on a Budget
Fun Family Date Nights on a Budget
03 Aug 2020

You may be part of the population that is impatiently waiting for the PlayStation 5 to come out to bring some colour back into your world, or you are wondering what else you can do to have fun whilst in lockdown without being bored to death. Here are a couple of fresh ideas on a budget you can add to your family nights to keep you entertained

Let loose and turn up

Social events are pretty much cancelled which can put a damper on things. Whether you are spending the lockdown with your significant other, with your children, or alone there is no better way to let loose than to host your own party. Cue the music, the snacks and drinks and dim the lights. Consider this as a noise hour to just let loose; dance, scream and shout. Just remember to let your neighbours know to avoid any awkward situations.

Dinner with a twist

If dancing and making noise is not your thing you can always opt for a special dinner night with a twist. Having something similar to Come Dine with Me, where you can ask everyone to dress up - based on a theme if you must - and host a special dinner. Take things up a notch by having different dishes set up in different rooms of the house with an interesting set-up to make the experience a bit special. Everyone can join in by helping with decorations and setting up the seating arrangements. Each room can have a host that will have to perform a special routine for their guests.

Bring out the paint

Whether you are creative or not, painting is something that can be done by anyone. What you will need is water paint to avoid having any paint getting stuck on clothes or furniture. Make sure that the area you are painting in is covered with an old sheet or plastic bags to protect the floor. Doodle, stroke, or splash away to see what comes out. You can switch things up a bit by painting blindfolded or including an icebreaker of paint twister and see what beautiful pieces of artwork you can create together.

Get out of the house

Under lockdown level 3 you are allowed to go for walks, hikes and even a stroll through a park which means you will have a couple of minutes to escape the four walls of the house. Walking or exercising can be a great way to relieve stress and can help with a change of scenery that most of us desperately need. If you are taking your children with you, you can make it more interesting for them by challenging them to come back with an interesting piece of nature they can find while on their stroll.

A fun obstacle course

Obstacle courses are a great way to create something challenging and fun. You can also get a good measure of exercise out of these without even knowing it, which is a bonus. You can create your own unique obstacle course or borrow from existing examples to get you started on things that you can do in and around the house for all ages that do not require a lot of effort. 

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