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How to Pull off a Family Date Night During Lockdown
How to Pull off a Family Date Night During Lockdown
16 Apr 2020

Creating meaningful experiences with your family requires time. It also needs a dash of inspiration to avoid predictable activities that can become boring over time.

Here are family date night ideas that you can indoors whilst in lockdown for the whole family, which can be adapted for couples too.

Get creative with movie night

Who doesn’t love to chill in front of the TV watching Netflix? However, this doesn’t bring the bonding factor into play. Instead of watching a movie, choose to create a movie. The set up will still be the same with snacks and drinks for when you take a break, but this time around, you can write a story together that you will later act out. Have your phone or camera ready to capture the moment and laugh through the blunders.

Build a fort together

Creating a fort is something that creates a different world from the one you already know. When indoors, the best place to do this is in the lounge or any room that is spacious enough. Clear up space and use the couch or chairs to hold up the sheets or blankets to create walls. Fill the inside with cushions, sleeping bags, or a mattress. For the finishing touch, add fairy lights to give that whimsical feel. You can choose to watch a movie, play games or catch up in the fort.

Make up a game 

Reaching for board games can also get predictable over time. Instead, make up a family game that is unique and uses items that you can find around the house. Having an incentive in the form of a prize of your choosing can make it interesting as you battle it out to win this coveted prize.

Treasure hunt

This can work based on how much space you have inside. It is also preferable to do this when no one is paying attention, so you can hide the items around the house without anyone knowing. Write up your clues in a way that everyone will be able to understand and hand them out and let the fun begin.

Sock war

Sock war is plain old fun that is interactive. Just make sure that you do this on a surface where you will not slip whilst wearing your socks or an area that has no sharp corners or dangerous objects that people could fall on. Each participant needs to wear socks. Someone has to do a countdown. The aim of the game is to snatch someone's pair of socks without losing your own pair of socks from your feet. The moment you lose both socks you are out of the game and the person with the most collected socks wins the game. 

Create your own signature dish

Challenge your taste buds by creating your own signature meal or a dish that you have been meaning to try. You can work as groups or do this as a couple. Remember to give it your best shot and rate each other on appearance, taste, and overall experience without turning into Gordon Ramsey.

Never have I ever

Be prepared to laugh, be surprised and shocked at what you find out with this game. Create some fun questions to ask your family along with answer paddle boards that have “I have never” and “I have” written on either side. There is only one rule for this one. No judgement can be passed.

What’s in the box

Collect a couple of boxes or containers and fill them with mystery objects or items. Line them up on a counter and blindfold each person. They have to stick their hand in the box or container and guess what it is. Whoever has the most correct guesses wins the game.



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