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Tips on How to Reduce Stress and Anxiety During Lockdown
Tips on How to Reduce Stress and Anxiety During Lockdown
13 Apr 2020

Being stuck behind four walls for most of the day and having to scroll through a timeline that is bombarded with the recent updates on the Coronavirus can get overwhelming at times. How do you stay calm when it seems like everywhere you look triggers stress and anxiety?

Here are some handy tips to help you keep calm and pushing on when the going gets tough.

Switch off digitally

Your phone, tv, and radio are all digital noises that can make the current situation we are in feel like someone has cranked up the volume to full blast. Staying informed about what is happening and what steps are being put in place to protect us from the Coronavirus update are important.

However, keeping keyed in for the whole day on a digital device of any sort is bound to have its effects on your mental health. Take a break by switching off and sitting in a room in complete silence if you can. Meditate, read, or journal to release stress and anxiety. Remember to be still and breathe. If you have children, involve them in these activities to keep them calm and stress-free.  

Face what makes you anxious

Simply ignoring what makes you anxious or stresses you does not solve much. Instead, it just delays the feeling which can come back like an avalanche of emotion and a possible panic attack. You can try keeping a journal where you can write down what is currently stressing you or making you anxious and why it is making you feel this way. Immediately write what you are grateful for, no matter how small it is. Remember to breathe once you have completed each item.

Unfollow the things that stress you

It is crucial to keep yourself surrounded by things that do not push you into panic mode. Following reliable news pages to stay informed is one of the things you can do. Unfollow people that make you panic due to the fake news they spread or stories that make you feel anxious. You can also choose to mute their status updates to ensure that your timeline is filled with things that keep you informed, entertained and calm.


It may be that your surroundings are not the problem, but rather your own mind is what causes the noise. Overthinking things that you need to do, goals and tasks that need to be completed, or what you wish you could be doing is something that happens to most of us. How do you switch off and focus on what is happening in front of you and being present?

Being aware of when you start overthinking is important. The next step is to actively switch your mind to focus on what is happening in the moment that you are in, even if it means focusing on your breathing or the noises you hear around you. It will take a couple of tries to get it right. Just remember to constantly focus on the present moment.


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