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Does Your Life Insurance Cover Coronavirus Death?
Does Your Life Insurance Cover Coronavirus Death?
02 Apr 2020

There is no denying that the Coronavirus (COVID-19) has brought rippling effects that are currently being felt globally, but what does this mean for people who are looking to take out life insurance or already have a policy in place? Here are all your questions answered below.

Will your policy be affected by COVID-19?

This will depend on whether you are an existing client or not. For MiWayLife clients that already have an existing policy, you will be covered for any claims that are placed during this period should you pass away from COVID-19. Head of underwriting at MiWayLife, Castro Mtsutsa, points out that “It is important that the existing clients make sure that their policies are kept active by paying their monthly premiums.”

It is still possible to take out life cover, but you will be asked questions regarding your medical history, including recent medical events, to assess if you are a risk or not.

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Underwriting changes could affect your policy

Most life insurers are currently evaluating their policies to make sure that existing and non-existing clients are appropriately assessed for future risk imposed by this virus. Clients’ insurance policies with MiWayLife are quite important in these uncertain times, keep your insurance policy active by paying your insurance premiums.

We cannot over-emphasise this for all our existing clients. It is important, when taking any insurance cover, that you answer all the questions truthfully. Should you require or want to take out a life insurance policy, specifically with COVID-19 in mind, keep the following three sub-groups in mind, and disclose if:

You have been tested and confirmed to be Infected by COVID-19

You have been exposed, directly or indirectly to people who have been tested and confirmed positive for COVID-19

If you have recently travelled abroad

What will happen to existing clients policy if they tested positive?

Should you be tested positive for the COVID-19 and you already have life cover with MiWayLife, you will be covered. “They don’t have to worry about anything. That’s assuming that they answered all their health questions truthfully during the underwriting process when they originally took out the policy,” adds Mtsutsa.

If it is a case where you were not aware that you were at the time infected by the virus and were approved for a policy, you will still be covered. The only time where your application for a policy could be denied by an insurer is if you have tested positive or you are currently under investigation for COVID-19, which is what they call PUI - i.e. a person to be tested for COVID-19, or are guilty of non-disclosure of your status during the underwriting process.

While we aim to uphold our promise to financially protect you and your loved ones should a valid claim be placed during this period, we ask that everyone stay safe and follow the set guidelines to protect you and your loved ones from the Coronavirus.


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