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Will I Be Able to Claim from My Life Insurance If I Have a Heart attack?
Will I Be Able to Claim from My Life Insurance If I Have a Heart attack?
30 Aug 2019

Heart attacks may seem like something likely to happen to the elderly, but recent data reveals that even young people can suffer from heart attacks. Here is what you need to know when it comes to knowing if you will be able to claim from your life insurance policy.

What are the signs and symptoms of a heart attack?

Knowing the signs and symptoms of a heart attack could save your life. These symptoms could range from mild to severe. You should see a doctor if you happen to experience the following: 


Consistent chest pain


Pain in your neck 

Feeling light-headed

Shortness of breath


Can I place a claim on my life cover?

When it comes to placing a claim, CEO of MiWayLife, Craig Baker says that “People who have recently had a heart attack or have a history of having one will be covered by their insurer. It is important to inform your insurer about this so that they can update your cover accordingly to provide adequate care for you and your loved ones.” Your premiums could increase since you are most likely to place a claim compared to someone who is healthy.


Can’t I just use my medical aid to cover me?

Having a medical is also one of the safety nets that you can have in place. However, it does come with limitations. “Medical aids have a set amount of what they are willing to cover, which can leave you financially exposed if it costs more. This is when having life cover can help cover your medical bills while you are still living. You can also use it to cover other expenses such as your daily expenses or paying off any debt that you might have,” says Baker.


How can I prevent a heart attack from happening?

According to the Heart Foundation, five people die of a heart attack every hour. Heart attacks and strokes are the biggest killers in South Africa, after HIV/ AIDS. 80% of these heart diseases can be prevented by making healthier lifestyle choices such as:


Eating healthier by including nutritional food in your diet and limiting the amount of saturated and trans fats like high-fat dairy products, butter, beef or pork fat.

Participating in regular exercise can help keep your body in shape and your heart in good condition.

Cutting back on smoking can also prevent heart disease.


Going for regular check-ups can help you catch any problems before things spiral out of control. It will also be perfect for checking your cholesterol levels along with your blood pressure. Consistency is key to ensure that your body and your heart is taken care of to prevent having a heart attack.


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