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10 Things to Do When You are in Lockdown
10 Things to Do When You are in Lockdown
06 Apr 2020

Do you still remember what life used to be like before the Coronavirus started trending on social media and news outlets? While it may seem like a lot has changed one thing is certain: staying home as part of social distancing, also known as self-isolating, is about to drive a lot of us mad.

So, how do you sane while staying safe? Here are 10 useful ways in which you can keep yourself busy and entertained without losing your mind.

Kiss me through the phone

Instead of lounging around in your PJ's, it's time to facetime your people. Schedule a call or video call with friends or family to have a chat. Not only will it keep your mind off things, but it can also be a relaxing way to find out what everyone else is doing.

Try some Yoga 

A workout that keeps you relaxed and healthy is the way to go during this period. There are apps such as the Nike training app that offer beginner lessons to more advanced lessons that you can do in the comfort of your home.  

Spring clean for a cause

Now is the most opportune time to clean the house and check for any items that you don't need. It may be a very long time before you get the opportunity to do this again. You know there are a couple of items that have been stashed in the back of the cupboard that you keep convincing yourself that you will need but never use. Ever!

Learn something new

The internet is probably the best thing most people have to keep them sane. Switch your thumb scrolling to a place where you can learn something new that you always meant to try, download an app that helps you enhance a skill or even do an online course.

Set up a beauty routine

Take care of yourself. Start a beauty routine that keeps you calm and helps you savour the time of social distancing. Journal if you have to, but make sure that it is something that keeps you calm.

Visit a virtual gallery

Taking a break from series or reading is also needed. Challenge your visual taste by visiting a virtual gallery. What ever tickles your fancy in the world of art is a click away with museums and galleries alike opening their world to you such as the Museum of Modern Art, Musee d'Orsay, Tate, and Rijksmuseum with the best view from your couch. 

Make something

Drawing, baking, making a new garment, stitching an old item, building something, whatever floats your boat and brings out the creativity in you, go for it!

Follow accounts that inspire you

While keeping a close eye on the recent updates of the Coronavirus, things can get bleak very quickly. Throw in a mix of things such as following social media accounts that inspire you or entertain you.


Keep things interesting by listening to podcasts that are informative and also keep you entertained. The aim is to keep sane. 

Read a book

There might not have been any time to crack a book open during our busy work schedules, but this is the perfect time to get around to that pile of reading books you have been ignoring. Reading it together with a friend or family and discussing it over a video call can make it even more interesting.

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