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The Ultimate Game Night Fun for Friends and Family
The Ultimate Game Night Fun for Friends and Family
05 Mar 2021

Game nights are a fun way to interact with your family, friend, or significant other. However, going for the same go-to games can become boring. We have a list of games that is suitable for all age groups and will take your game night to the next level.

Indoor bowling

Having a game night theme can make the night easier to plan. One of the themes can be around arcade games such as bowling. Indoor bowling is a simple set-up that needs a good spot that doesn't have any valuables that can easily be knocked over. Grab 10 empty bottles and fill these with grain or sand along with a ball. Arrange the bottles in a triangle in the space you have selected in four, three, two, one formation and you are ready to bowl.


Mystery box

Collect a couple of boxes or containers and fill them with mystery objects or items. Line them up on a counter and blindfold each person. They have to stick their hand in the box or container and guess what it is. Whoever has the most correct guesses wins the game.


Family Olympics

Playing one or two games for the evening can get boring very quickly. Switch things up by having a family Olympic game night which combines a range of challenges that are friendly for all ages. You can use different rooms to host different challenges such as the fastest ball challenge, by blowing a Styrofoam ball with a straw towards a finish line, egg and spoon race, 60-second charade, or shoot the hoop where you try to land balls into a bucket. You can add as many games as you see fit to make the evening interesting.


Sock war

Sock war is plain old fun that is interactive. Split up into teams of two. If your group is not big, you can play as single players. Just make sure that you do this on a surface where you will not slip whilst wearing your socks or an area that has no sharp corners or dangerous objects that people could fall on.


Each participant needs to wear clean socks. Someone has to do a countdown. The aim of the game is to snatch someone's pair of socks without losing your own pair of socks from your feet. The moment you lose both socks you are out of the game and the person with the most collected socks wins the game. 

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