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6 Fun Things to do That Involve Social Distancing
6 Fun Things to do That Involve Social Distancing
12 Oct 2020

How do you take full advantage of lockdown level one and still maintain the social distancing guideline? If you are looking for handy activities that can be done by adults and children alike, look no further.

Here is a list of exciting things to do while sticking to the social distancing guidelines.


Neighbourhood Scavenger hunt

After being cooped up in the house and having limited options when it comes to places to see, a scavenger hunt is in order. Not only is it a great way to go on an adventure and stretch your limbs and bond while you are at it, but you also get to walk away with a sweet prize. Remember to wear a mask and have a hand sanitizer or washing station at the end of the competition.


Set up hidden messages around your neighbourhood and have people partner up in groups of two or individually to stick to the social distancing regulations. Make sure that where you place the hidden messages in a safe environment. You can also do this around the house if you have young children.


Quaranthemed party

It's time to ditch the gown and hoodies and move to something that brings a bit of excitement. Under level one, it is possible to host an event with no more than 50 people. With the warmer weather in full effect, you can host this outdoors to ensure that there is adequate circulation.


Host a themed party where people get to dress up and enjoy a braai or snacks. You can take it one step further by asking that your guests to match their masks to their outfits and have a backyard photoshoot to capture the moment.


Adults only

Nothing beats food, drinks and a relaxed atmosphere when it comes to catching up with friends and family. Having a wine tasting in your backyard is one way to bond after a long time in lockdown.


Make sure that your guests have their own wine glasses or label each person's glass to stick to the sanitizing guidelines. You can request each person to bring a bottle of their favourite wine and have one designated person throughout the tasting to be the wine holder/pourer to avoid having many people touching the bottle.


To avoid people spreading any germs or the COVID-19 virus, each person can have their own small plate covered with great snacks that pair well with wine such as chocolate, cheese or biltong.



You can never go wrong with a braai or a bonfire to end the day. Make sure that you have one person handling the food and dishing utensils to avoid spreading any germs and viruses. Make sure that the wash station or hand sanitizer, which must have an alcohol concentration of 60% or more is easily available for people to access.



Pack the essentials that you like for a picnic and head to the park for some time in the sun and a relaxed moment. You can bring a book or a game to stay entertained. Remember to keep a social distance of six metres if you will be inviting over friends and family members.


Chasing sunsets

Whether you decide to drive to the best destination or hike to it to watch the sunset, make sure that you have the necessities such as hydration, a camera, sanitizer and a charged phone. The aim is to enjoy the view and relax with your favourite people in the world.

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