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Funky Ways to Style Your Mask for the Summer
Funky Ways to Style Your Mask for the Summer
23 Oct 2020

Masks are becoming the norm to wear everywhere we go. You may need to try a few to find one that hits your sweet spot in terms of breathability and making you feel good while you wear it. With summer finally here, we have a few tips on how you can style your mask.


Sticking with the COVID19 prevention rules and still looking good while you do it is possible. There are a variety of masks that you can buy to match your beach look or an evening event that includes sequins or diamond-encrusted options. You can also make these at home by using fabric or an old t-shirt that will make you stand out.


Adding a pop of colour

Surgical masks have proven to be more breathable when compared to most cloth masks. If you are looking for a break from having to wear the same blue mask and want something that makes you feel like you are in summer, you can grab felt pens for fabrics and unleash your creativity. Make sure that when you do, you do not press too hard on the mask to avoid piercing.


Superhero wording

Children need just as much motivation to keep their masks on as adults do. However, making their mask a bit fun by incorporating their favourite superheroes or cartoon characters will make it hard for them to part ways with it. You can make use of an old t-shirt or purchase stickers that can be stuck onto their mask. If you are making your own mask, make sure to check that it fits snuggly onto your child's face and that it is easy for them to breathe.


Making funny masks

With just your eyes showing, it can be hard to make your personality shine through. But there is a way around this. Having a printed mask with an image of your mouth smiling or someone else's is one way to go about it. You can also add felt ears, which is a light material that can be sewn onto the side of a mask, for your children. The possibilities are endless with this one ranging from animal ears to fantasy character ears that will grab anyone's attention.


Always remember to keep a spare mask in the car and wear one wherever you go this summer to help keep you and your loved ones safe from the spread of COVID-19.

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