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Fun Things to do With Your Family
Fun Things to do With Your Family
09 Jul 2021

When it comes to finding inspiration for fun activities that you can do with your family on the weekend or when you go on your next holiday trip, you don't have to spend countless hours searching the net.

Here is our ultimate family fun bucket list, with some past favourites of ours, that can be played by anyone at any age.  


Bring the camping indoors

Indoor camping is perfect for all seasons and almost any situation, especially when you are experiencing load shedding. Just make sure that your rechargeable lights are charged along with your torches to see in the dark. Make sure to build the fort together, except for smaller children who can handle the light tasks such as collecting their plush toy or a small cushion or simply lay back. Create a fort that is stashed with some of everyone's favourite things, some card or board games and snacks to keep you going.


Get creative

Whether you are creative or not, painting is something that can be done by anyone. What you will need is water paint to avoid having any paint getting stuck on clothes or furniture. Make sure that the area you are painting in is covered with an old sheet or plastic bags to protect the floor. Doodle, stroke, or splash away to see what comes out. You can switch things up a bit by painting blindfolded or including an icebreaker of paint twister and see what beautiful pieces of artwork you can create together.


Classic charades

An activity that never gets old and can be enjoyed by anyone. On those days where you might find yourself stuck in the house and trying to fight off boredom, charades can be the best thing to do. You can choose to split into teams or play as individuals to make it interesting. The aim is to have fun.


Sock war

Sock war is plain old fun that is interactive. Just make sure that you do this on a surface where you will not slip whilst wearing your socks or an area that has no sharp corners or dangerous objects that people could fall on. Each participant needs to wear socks. Someone has to do a countdown. The aim of the game is to snatch someone's pair of socks without losing your own pair of socks from your feet. The moment you lose both socks you are out of the game and the person with the most collected socks wins the game. 


An evening of talents

You can choose to put aside an evening on the weekend where each person gets to share their talent. It can be an event that you dress up or down for. Allow each person to choose between 1 to 3 talents that they would like to share no matter how serious or silly and watch the events unfold.


A minute to win it

Obstacle courses are a great way to create something challenging and fun. You can also get a good measure of exercise out of these without even knowing it, which is a bonus. You can put a unique spin on an obstacle course or include some fun minute to win it games of your choosing to include throughout the day. This is something that you can do indoors or outdoors based on how extensive you plan on making your game night.

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