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What Is A Family Resolution and How to Get Started?
What Is A Family Resolution and How to Get Started?
01 Jan 2020

You may have a list of resolutions that you are eager to get started on, but have you considered a family resolution? In short, it's a resolution that the whole family can get into to make it achievable rather than choosing the lone wolf route.

Not sure where to get started or what type of resolutions to work on as a family? We have four tips to get you started.

Change the way you eat food

Eating healthier meals is one of the most common and popular resolutions that people have. However, one thing that sees a lot of us falling off the bandwagon when it comes to this is always feeling hungry or healthy food tasting like torture to our taste buds.

Instead of boiling your meals, consider grilling as a healthier option. Add more vegetables to your meals and water to wash it down. With a range of spices to play with, you can change an ordinary dish to something that tastes amazing. Think of adding gradual changes instead of sending your body into shock by changing the way you eat overnight.

The benefit of having everyone on board means less temptation and more chances of you achieving your goal.

Share a fitness goal

We live busy lives which leaves many of us spending most of our time on the couch and binge-watching series. As many as  40% of South African's lead inactive lives, which increases our risk of diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, and obesity. 1 in 5 children in South African are considered obese and these numbers continue to rise, reducing their life span. 


It takes 15-30 minutes for five times in a week to reach a healthy workout routine. By getting everyone involved before supper is one way to help you reach your fitness goals without being disturbed by your loved ones since they will be exercising along with you.


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Creating an emotionally supportive home

Creating a healthy emotional space in your home where your loved ones can address a range of things that they struggle with or are hurt by is often overlooked or left to the educational system to deal with. 


It has created a cycle of mental health issues that affect children and adults alike. One in six South Africans suffers from anxiety, depression, or substance-use problems.


You can introduce a healthy emotional space in your family by listening first before talking. For parents, this means hearing what your child has to say before dismissing what they are feeling. Encourage your family to express their emotions instead of shushing or reprimanding them for it. This can lead to open communication and finding solutions that can help them deal with their emotions. 

Have at least one joint goal


Having too many goals in the pipeline for your family can be overwhelming, which can lead to you not fulfilling any goal. It's all about taking baby steps. You can choose to have a financial goal such as saving together towards purchasing something, a fitness goal, or personal achievements that can be placed on a vision board so that you encourage each other to reach it.




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