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Outdoor Date Night Ideas on a Budget
Outdoor Date Night Ideas on a Budget
26 Mar 2021

Taking advantage of summer while it's still here along with its gorgeous sunset setting is ideal for an outdoor date night. Not only is it romantic, but it can also take date night to a new level.

Cue the cute outfits along with the ambiance provided by a gorgeous setting with our outdoor date ideas to surprise your significant other on your next date.


Impromptu road trip with a view

Pack a picnic basket, a banging playlist for good times and head up to a local spot with views to die for. The aim for this is to enjoy each other's company as you drive to your destination and sip on something fine while you bask in the last of the sun’s rays and take in the glorious view. Make sure to check the weather reports before heading out. A surprise gift with a thoughtful note can be the icing on the cake which your significant other will enjoy.


Go sky diving

This could be a day of conquering fears or simply trying out something new altogether. If your partner is terrified of heights, you may want to clear this with them first. Having to trust each other to jump out of a flying aircraft can be something that can bring you closer. You can end this with a relaxed dinner at the end of the date at a restaurant you have never been to before.


Strawberry picking

Sometimes all that is needed is a bit of nature and something to munch on to feel the stress melt away. Not only will this be a relaxing experience as you walk through the rows of greenery, but it can also be rewarding when you find a sweet, juicy strawberry ripe for the picking.


Slow dancing in the sunset

Set up a romantic dinner on a patio, by the beach, or in the garden surrounded by candles is something that will make the whole occasion dreamlike. Just make sure that there are no flammable objects around. The only electrical thing that should be near you is a sound system to play sweet tunes. You can also opt to listen to the sounds of nature as you enjoy each other's company as you sit back and unwind. 


Pool or beach date

The aim is to relax near a pool of water while munching on all of your favourite snacks. You can choose to get pool floats and have a relaxed day in the pool as you float about, snack and have a relaxed conversation or head for the beach to simply enjoy the day.


Star gazing in comfort

Set up a comfy chill area in your backyard with comfortable cushions to rest on and fairy lights for a romantic setup and spend the evening stargazing and enjoying each other's company.

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