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Date Night With a Purpose
Date Night With a Purpose
22 Jan 2021

Date nights are a great way to reconnect with your love, but it also requires a burst of creativity to make the occasion a special one every time. If you are looking for meaningful things to do, we have a handy list of things you can do to keep the flame alive.

Remember that having a fun date night means different things to different people. Therefore, go with something that will resonate with both of your personalities. If you are daring, you can step outside of your box and explore new things together to see what works.


Two stepping the night away

When was the last time you and your partner danced together? Plan an evening of dancing by dressing up for the occasion and heading out to a dance class. Make things more intimate by having a themed dance battle at home if dancing in public is not your thing. You can choose to be silly, slow dance the night away or have a mixture of both.


Picnic after dark

A picnic is a great way to wind down, enjoy good food, and reconnect with some good conversation. Instead of having a picnic during the day, have it under the stars or as the sun sets. Challenge each other to stay away from your phones while being present in the moment.


Go exploring

Sticking to the usual routine of restaurants or spending time at the same place every weekend can become predictable and monotonous. It's time to explore a little. Be it going on a drive to a town that is close by that you have never been to or a restaurant that serves food that you have never tasted before can be a good experience. You can go wherever the wind blows you or plan in advance by checking out interesting things to do when you are there.


Bring out the adventurer in you

Embrace nature for a change by stepping outside of the usual four walls. Take your love on a bike or hiking trail. There are also adventure courses that involve ziplining or purely exploring nature that you can do. You can even plan to go outside of the province to explore a different type of scenery.


A date night surprise

Who doesn't love a good surprise? Instead of telling your partner that you have something planned, spring a surprise dinner or getaway on them. A simple pampering indoors can be appreciated and topped off with a cute gift can be a wonderful surprise. Just make sure that they do not have anything planned for your surprise date night and that it is something that will not leave them feeling anxious.


Release your inner child

If you are still flexible and don't mind getting dirty in the process, you can have an indoor paint twister. It's twister but with paint poured on the relevant colour. Make sure to use water-based paint that is easy to wash off. If possible, take it outside where you will not mind getting anything dirty except yourselves.


Sip and paint

Take things down a notch by having a sip and paint date night. Get out some canvas, paint and wine or any other beverage. The aim is to paint each other on the canvas or allow the creative process to lead the way. Make things interesting by painting with your less dominant hand. Do this with some great tunes in the background to set up a fun atmosphere.

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