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How to Help Your Child Focus for The School Year Ahead
How to Help Your Child Focus for The School Year Ahead
12 Jan 2021

Concentrating is a skill that needs developing. Even adults struggle with it. However, there are ways in which you can help your child focus better throughout the school year. Here are a few tips to get you started. Remember to adapt these according to your child since each child is different.

Work with their level of concentration

Whether your child is learning from home or comes back from school with homework, it is crucial to know how to work with their level of concentration.

Kid and Family Mindfulness expert, Samantha Snowden, reveals that parents can help boost their child's level of focus by giving them an option of choosing between 20 minutes, 30 minutes or 40 minutes of focus time.

It helps them become active participants and also boosts their confidence in the process. Check on them every few minutes to see if they are still focused and adjust the focus time accordingly. Remember to remove any distractions that can break their efforts.


Change of scenery

If you have younger children, try changing their homework area to a place that is relatively free of any distractions such as the TV, phones or radio. Setting them up near the kitchen can be beneficial for both parties since you will be able to keep an eye on them and they will be able to get access to you if they need help. Make sure that there are no dangerous objects or cooking items that could harm them. If they are 10 years old and older you can opt to have a desk set up for them in their room or a quieter space of the house to help them focus.


Give them short breaks

The same way adults need breaks to help them regain their concentration is the same way parents can help their children. Try making a list of activities that your child can do on their break (aim to keep these between 10-15 minutes.) You can also include them by asking them what they would like to do on their break. They get to choose one activity that they can do during their break.


Limit screen time

Our computers, phones, and laptops are a convenient way for us to keep busy. It is also a convenient way to keep your children occupied while you are busy with something, but too much screen time can affect their concentration levels and could lead to them having ADHD. Encouraging them to take part in physical activities that they enjoy and limiting the amount of time they spend on screen can help them focus better. 


Sleep hygiene

Our sleeping patterns are a great contributor to our emotions and impact our level of concentration the next day. Keeping a routine is crucial when it comes to helping your child improve their overall wellbeing and focus. Knowing how to wind down before sleep time can make it easier for them to sleep instead of tossing and turning throughout the night. Have a tech-free zone or times in the house and remove cell phones from the bedroom or place them far from your bedside as this can be a distraction within itself. 

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