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How Your Parenting Style Affects Your Child
How Your Parenting Style Affects Your Child
07 May 2020

Every parent has a different parenting style, based on their child's personality and temperament. But what effects will your style of parenting have on your child's long-term development? Here is how your parenting style can affect your child.

The four types of parenting styles that emerged in a study in the 1960s by psychologist Dian Baumrind are still echoed today when it comes to parenting styles that psychologists use to assess the way parents treat their children. The four types of parenting styles boil down to authoritarian parenting, indulgent parenting, neglectful parenting and authoritative parenting.

Authoritarian parenting 

If you are a parent that has a dominating way of handling their child, you could be authoritarian in your style. These are the types of parents who believe that whatever they say to their child(ren) should be done. Authoritarian parents believe that in the "spare the rod spoil the child" saying and would prefer that the children be seen and not heard.

Discipline forms a core of their style. The chances of your child developing low self-esteem are high. It is also possible that they will adopt the same style when it comes to interpersonal relationships, being frustrated when what they say is not followed.

Indulgent parenting

The indulgent parent is the opposite end of being an authoritative parent. You offer warmth and are very attentive in your parenting style. Parents who display an indulgent style of parenting tend to set rules but don't usually follow through.

There are few constraints which means you are most likely to be an "anything goes" type of parent when it comes to your child and some people may accuse you of allowing your child to call the shots.  

This type of style often allows freedom for your child and could result in your child having higher levels of creativity. It can negatively impact them later on when it comes to learning self-control and boundaries. They may even develop a sense of self-entitlement which can make it hard for them to interact with different types of people.

Neglectful parenting

As the term suggests, this type of parenting can have far-reaching negative results on a child. There is little to no engagement from the parent with their child. They might be present in the house, but there is no active interaction to find what makes their child tick.

Neglectful parents would rather leave their child to be entertained by the TV or other digital devices to engage their child than getting to know them. It could result in the difficulty of a child to follow rules or developing long-term behavioural issues since there have been no set guidelines.

Authoritative parenting

Authoritative parenting is the perfect balance for parents to achieve with their child(ren). It strikes the perfect balance between allowing your child the freedom they need to be independent within set limits. While you allow them to explore their environment and be conscious of the decisions they make you also instil discipline that does not let them cower away in fear. It is a more supportive style that aims can develop their social skills, self-control, and independence.

Parenting may not come with a guidebook on how you can be the best parent, but there are some professional guides from Psychology Today on how you can work towards raising a healthy and positive child. 

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