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6 Budget Friendly Tips For Back to School Shopping
6 Budget Friendly Tips For Back to School Shopping
06 Jan 2020

The back to school season can be a bitter sweet moment; you have the luxury of having your child(ren) out of the house and not depleting the cooldrink or Oros in one day, but it can be stressful in terms of hunting for sales and getting the necessities at a bargain.

Whether December got the best of your budget or you are looking for ways to save without the stress we have a couple of handy tips to get you started.

Shopping for bargains

Bagging a bargain is something that can go a long way, which is why it essential to know where to look. Look online, in store, and through pamphlets to see where you can shop for the best deal. This can take some time but doing this in advance can save you the hassle. Comparing your options will increase your chance of saving a couple of Rands that can be used to cover other back to school expenses.

Getting a discount on books

While the introduction of e-books in some subjects has eased the financial strain of purchasing textbooks, it has not been eliminated from the back to school budget. Save money by purchasing second-hand textbooks or looking for a digital version online. If your child’s school has given you a booklist in advance, it can give you leverage by knowing which books you can purchase immediately and which ones you can wait to purchase later in the year when stores are likely to have sales.

Plan your meals

Whenever you are purchasing stationery or food it is always useful to check what you have at home before going out to the store. Planned meals come with the perk of not purchasing excessive food that will go to waste. It can also help you weigh what you can purchase in bulk and when to save. Compare no-name brand products against what you purchase to see if you are able to save a couple of rands.

Plan for off-peak seasons

Once the back to school rush has died down, many stores have sales on stationery to bring in new stock that is in season. Making a back to school budget is a convenient way to see what can be purchased during this time. It’s also the opportune time to purchase in bulk for the next year.

Update or get life cover

Preparing your child for a future in which they will be able to thrive even when you are not around is something that every parent wants. As much as we would like to believe that we will be there for every major step that they take, things don’t always go as planned. Creating a financial safety net in the form of life cover can help your loved ones continue the life they knew even when you are no longer around. 

Resell used uniforms

Have a blazer, shirt, skirt, ties or textbooks that are still in good condition but are collecting dust? You could be sitting on hundreds of rands that can be used towards your back to school budget. Sell these at a second-hand store or to other parents that want a second hand item that is still in a good condition.





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