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4 Tips on How to Break out of Insomnia
4 Tips on How to Break out of Insomnia
18 May 2020

Does it feel like when the lights go off, the lights come on in your brain? A change in your sleeping pattern can increase your stress levels, reduce your quality of life, create emotional distress, and affect your overall mood.

If left untreated for a long period, it could lead to health complications such as hypertension, cardiovascular disease, weight-related issues to name but a few. Here are some healthy ways to help you get back to a normal and healthy sleeping pattern.

Set a wind-down routine

Having peaceful sleep can be disrupted by what you do before you go to bed. Research by the Sleep Foundation has shown that it is common for many of us to continue engaging our electronic devices such as tv's, tablets, laptops and phones long after we switch off the lights.

The only problem with this is that this delay's our body's internal clock to release a sleep-inducing hormone known as melatonin, making it difficult for us to sleep. The artificial blue light that emits from our devices is responsible for this along with the disturbance of our phones beeping when we are asleep.

You need at least 30 minutes of wind-down time before you go to bed where you are not touching any digital devices. Focus on doing things that keep you relaxed such as reading a book, making a cup of chamomile tea, breathing exercises, or lying still in your bed.

Keep to the same time

Many things can throw our sleep patterns off-balance, especially with the lockdown in place. It is important to keep the same time every night. Create a wind-down routine that works for you, but remember to sleep at night instead of taking naps during the day that can leave you staring at the ceiling at night. Try doing a workout a few hours before to tire you out or a meditation routine to relieve yourself of the days' stress.

Check your temperature

It's normal for your body temperature to drop at night as your body prepares to get you to sleep. However, being hot or cold can affect your sleep. Make sure that your room temperature is set at a comfortable range to help ease you into sleep.

Play music in the background

Sometimes staring into the night doesn't quite do the trick. More so, if you have thoughts that are keeping you up. Play music without your phone being near you and keep it at a moderate level. Many curated playlists are available on streaming services that can help you fall asleep. The aim is to play something that calms you and will help you drift into dreamland on a good note.

Remember that creating an environment that helps you relax is also essential to your sleep. Declutter and set up your bedroom in a manner that makes you feel comfortable.

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