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How to destress when you are pregnant
How to destress when you are pregnant
19 Aug 2019

With a baby on the way, making sure that everything is in order financially, and adjusting to your body can be stressful.

It is normal to get stressed out while you are pregnant. However, too much stress can cause problems not only for you but your baby’s health. These helpful tips can bring you one step closer to having a less stressful pregnancy. 

Know your triggers

Knowing the cause of your stress can make it easier to find ways to undo or manage it. As much as there might be elements of your pregnancy that you will not be able to control such as a change in hormones that cause mood swings, nausea, and being tired you will still have control over aspects such as your health and what you eat.

A study carried out in the Netherlands revealed that 7%-8% of depressed or anxious pregnant women had babies that were born pre-term. Stress can leave your health vulnerable in the sense that you will not be getting enough rest to recover or build your immune system. Although the chances are small that you will give birth to a pre-term baby, it is essential to avoid situations that can leave you feeling stressed. 

Talk the stress away

Talking is one of the ways to get the stress off your chest. Be it speaking to your doctor, a friend or your partner. According to SADAG, 70% of women suffer from depression. There is still a possibility that you could develop postnatal depression, which is something that many new mothers shy from. However, actively addressing and talking about such issues can help improve the situation.

Try and get adequate sleep

We need sleep! More so when you have a baby on the way. This is the bodies way of recovering. It is not uncommon for pregnant women to struggle with sleep due to finding a comfortable sleeping position and the constant trips to the bathroom. With 64% of South Africans getting less than 7 hours of sleep this has caused a rise in diseases that can lead to death. Therefore, you must at least get up to 8 hours of sleep every day.

Stay fit and healthy

With so much going on you might be wondering where you can fit in a workout schedule. One thing you can be glad about is that you don’t have to pop a vein while working out. The key is to do light workouts that will not put any strain on you as this will affect the baby. You can go for walks while listening to soothing music. The choice is yours. You can also join a group fitness class or prenatal yoga class to keep you flexible and relaxed. Remember to keep this balanced with a healthy diet that can also boost your mood.

Plan ahead

The last thing that you need to be burdened with is financial stress, which is why it pays to plan. If you are working, make sure that you follow the procedure for maternity leave. This also means that you will have to prepare your finances to cover you for the period in which your paid maternity will end. Always remember to keep your medical aid up to date. If you do not have a life insurance policy in place, now will be the time to get one.  



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