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12 minutes of your time can prevent you from getting Cervical Cancer
Cervical Cancer Womens Month
09 Aug 2019

“A women’s health is her capital”- Harriet Beecher Stowe

As we celebrate women’s month this August it is also a reminder to celebrate the beautiful bodies that carry the fierce spirits that live within. Health is one thing that many women’s lives centre on, as it helps us become better versions of ourselves for ourselves and our loved ones. With a recent report revealing that cervical cancer being the most common cancer in women, second to breast cancer, women need to be more conscious of their health check-ups to catch the virus while it is still early. 

70% of cervical cancer is caused by a sexually transmitted virus

Cervical cancer is the second common form of cancer that affects women. This is a type of cancer that is a malignant neoplasm that comes from cells originating in the cervix. It is caused by a high-risk strain of Human Papillomavirus which 70% of the time is found among sexually active women.

Children who have sexual intercourse at a young age can also be affected by the HPV virus. According to PinkDrive, cervical cancer affects 1 in every 41 South African women and can kill approximately 8 people every day if not found on time. Therefore, it is important for both women and children to get an HPV vaccination injection that can prevent 70%-80% long terms effects of the HPV-disease. It’s advisable to do a regular cervical cancer screening (also known as a pap smear) to screen for pre-cancer which can take up to 12 minutes to do every 3 years.

Where you can get support?

With appropriate testing, you will be able to prevent contracting the HPV virus. Furthermore, it is preventable. Knowing the right channels can make your journey to keeping your body healthy easier. You can speak to your health care provider or doctor in terms of getting a cervical cancer screening done. If you have been diagnosed with cervical, breast, prostate, or testicular cancer you can contact your local PinkDrive.




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