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Family Fitness Fun
Family Fitness Fun
21 May 2021

It can be hard as an adult to find the motivation to exercise on some days. Even something as simple as meditating can have most of us thinking of other things or forgetting that we are meditating altogether.

But there are fun ways you and your family can get moving in the comfort of your home to keep your health levels in check. Here are four activities you can do this weekend to get you going.


List fun physical things

When it comes to becoming physically fit, you may want to work as a team with this one. Ask each person what they consider to be a fun physical activity they wouldn't mind doing. Make up a list and try to get everyone to participate in each person's activity. Remember that the aim is to have fun and not make it a chore or competitive to the point where people start losing interest.


Community group fitness

If you are looking for fun things to do outside of the house, and also have the opportunity to mingle with other people, you may want to consider group fitness meetings that are available in your community. There can be a range that will be suitable for the family. Remember to stick to the COVID-19 regulations to stay fit and safe.


Cut back on short cuts

Life has become convenient to the point where we may overlook small ways we can involve exercise in our daily lives to become fit. Instead of driving the car to a store down the road, opt to walk. Instead of taking the escalators take the stairs where possible. Going for afternoon walks can help stretch your limbs and reduce stress. Try to avoid interacting with your phone to help you become present.

Weekly challenges

The truth is we all enjoy a reward, especially after completing something difficult. The same can be done with workouts but remember to reward yourself with healthy things to not derail your fitness goal. Having a weekend family game night with Olympic challenges in your backyard that include completing a physical activity for a coveted prize to make it worth it. Keep each activity challenging but make it something that ensures everyone participates.


Bonus tip

Music is something that can unite us, make us have fun and get your heart pumping. You can opt to have a dance-off. This can be playful or a special prize for someone who can pull smooth moves to a fun jam session. Make sure that the prize is enticing enough. You can set themes such as choosing different music genres and having each person battle it out on the floor. There is also the option of hitting the lights and just letting loose. The aim is to have fun while sweating it out.

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