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How to Plan a Family Holiday Without The Stress
How to Plan a Family Holiday Without The Stress
13 Mar 2020

Going on a family holiday usually results in a lot of us coming back with great memories and the additional bill of overspending.

Sticking to a strict plan or budget can seem like something a scripted supermom on the big screen can achieve, but there are ways that you can navigate your way around planning a family holiday without the financial stress. Here are tips to get you started.

How far are you willing to go?

Before you attempt completing these tips, ask yourself if you have made your list? Do you have a budget in place that lists all the things you need to do and the things you want to do? Now that we have covered our bases ask yourself how far are you willing to stretch your budget? Be realistic about how much you can spend without having anxiety about facing the bills that come when you return from your trip.

Keeping up with the Jones’s?

Living to impress can leave you distressed. Always remember to stay within your means. This means planning any gift buying or eating out. Stay within your budget and avoid spending on gifts, drinks and meals that quickly add up astronomically.

Plan in advance

Last-minute planning is the death of many budgets. It has seen as many as 76% of South African's stepping out of their budgets. Before you take out your card to swipe, always ask yourself if this was within your plans financially? Planning can also help you get great deals and discounts which will be beneficial for you.

For the family members that raise the “But you work”

We have all been at that place or know of someone who has been where family members pull the "But you work" card to get you to buy things. Knowing when to say know can be difficult. You can read our article on how to say No to family members that want to borrow money.

You can also overcome this by being open about how much you have budgeted to spend so that everyone is on the same page. Including your children during the budgeting process can also help them wrap their minds around how much money there is and how much can be spent. Talk about boosting their financial literacy!

Take care of the munchies

Travelling with anyone is bound to bring an onset of rumbling stomachs, and usually end up with you having to get snacks or food, which can quickly accumulate to out of pocket expenses that you have not prepared for. Instead, aim for eating before you leave the house and have a couple of snacks on hand.

Very important

Always prep your vehicle accordingly if you are taking a road trip. Make sure that it is up to date regarding the servicing and licensing of your car. Also check that any policies you have in place such as life insurance or your medical aid are up to date to give you peace of mind that you and your loved ones are protected on your journey.


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