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The Sweet Escape: South African Travel Habits
The Sweet Escape: South African Travel Habits
16 Dec 2019

The holiday season is officially upon us which means three things; family, fun, and lots of travelling. There are a few travel habits that South Africans have adopted to make the most of their trip.

Be it saving a couple of Rands in the process or finding new and exciting destinations to visit, one thing is certain - fun will be had. Here is how South Africans plan their sweet escape.


A new destination and ways to save is top of travellers list

Despite the economy looking fragile, many South Africans plan on going on holiday by exploring a new destination. A recent survey by Getaway revealed that 79% of people choose to travel locally but are looking for a new experience to share with their friends and family. Neither do we shy away from paying for international trips, with 21% of people opting to travel abroad this holiday season.


At least once a year, South Africans take a week or two off to spend time with their loved ones. Coastal regions remain the top most visited destinations with 40% of people spending their time soaking up the sun at the beach, 39% will be sightseeing, and 21% actively resting.


With the average spend per family ranging from R5,000 to R20,000 for the holiday season, South Africans ended up spending a total of R5.5 billion in 2018. But what do we spend our money on when travelling?


Food and beverages take a huge chunk of our budgets

The holiday season is synonymous with food and beverages, which is one of the largest expenses during this time. Statistics released by the Tourism industry 2018/19 report showed that we spent a total of R13,992.8 million over the holiday season when it comes to food and beverages. This is usually split between takeaways, restaurants and having braais.


Most South Africans are on a hunt for a good bargain

Saving a couple of Rands has also been ranked as a top priority. When it comes to saving money whilst travelling, 51% of people opt to purchase flight tickets in advance and 51% book stay in advance. However, when it comes to planning a trip, women are 80% likely to plan in advance when compared to men.


People are likely to grab their phones to search online for holiday and travel deals that will help them save. However, 91% of South Africans like planning trips on their own due to the flexibility it offers them of finding bookings that match their preferences, comparing prices, and the lack of trust that they have when it comes to travel agencies. Checking reviews on apps such as Trip Advisor is the second thing that we do before booking a spot at our favourite destination.


Once everything has been approved and the day has arrived to kick back and relax, 45% of people prefer to switch off when travelling to soak in the moment without being distracted by their phone or computer.


Travelling safely during this festive season is equally important. Therefore, checking that all is in order is vital before you hit the road. Checking that your life insurance is up to date is also essential to give you peace of mind that you and your loved ones will be covered. Remember to always stay vigilant during this time to have a splendid holiday. 

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