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Travel Checklist for This Holiday Season
Travel Checklist for This Holiday Season
02 Dec 2019

Having a checklist in hand can save you from the last-minute hassle that causes many of us to leave something important such as our passport, wallet, or the tap running in the bathroom. Here is a checklist to help you avoid such situations that can kill your holiday mood and potentially put a dent in your budget.

What to check in your house

Escaping your house for a breather is something that happens as the summer season kicks in. However, during the flurry of activity that occurs as you prepare, it becomes easier for things to slip your mind. The last thing you would want is returning to a water bill that gives you heart palpitations because of the tap that was left running during your two-week vacation. Things to check before you hit the road are:

Check that all windows and doors have been locked.

Unplug any electrical appliances that you are not using

Install motion censored lights or lights that are on timers to deter criminals

Check your security system or company to ensure that all is in order

Have a baby sitter for your pets if you have one

Store your valuables in lockable drawers, a safe or a storeroom


Check that your finances are in order

Checking your finances is vital. It also means checking that your life cover and car insurance is in place. December is known to be a busy time of the year on South African roads and accidents happen, which is why making sure that you are covered is vital.  In 2015 alone accidents cost South Africans a total of R142.95 billion.


Another essential thing to sort out before you set out to see your friends or family is a budget. Wonga revealed in a survey that 76% of its respondents claimed to spend more than usual over the December period, with most of the money going towards food and transport. It is easy to go on a shopping spree in the name of treating yourself, for some people it may be taking care of family responsibilities, but it is equally vital to have a budget in place. Doing this before the holiday season is in full swing can help you avoid situations where you overspend.


Safety first

The holiday season is a great time to let your hair down and enjoy being around your loved ones but being aware of your surroundings at all times is important. If you are planning on going for a night out always ensure that you keep your valuables close to you. Take a ride home instead of driving yourself to avoid driving under the influence. A handy tip is keeping your emergency contacts on speed dial and always know where the nearest police station and hospitals are in case of emergencies.


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