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Baby Proofing Your Home
Baby Proofing Your Home
21 Nov 2019

Baby’s grow fast. One minute they were a swaddling bundle of joy that could barely sit up with support, now they are mobile and a bundle of joy that is on the move.

This means that they have access to places that they may not have had access to before, putting themselves at risk of injury. Here are handy tips to childproof areas of your home that could pose possible threats to your child.


Precautions during bath time

Checking if the water temperature is suitable for your child is one of the common tips that many parents get when it comes to protecting your child from burns and injuries. 

If you are bathing them in an area that has taps, it is vital to get a soft cover for the spout to prevent them from banging their heads on it. Supervision is still required even when bathing your baby in a bath seat to prevent them from drowning. The tub should only have enough water that covers their legs.


Protect their hands from doors

When your baby starts crawling, the house becomes their playground to crawl or run around as they explore. It also means that closed doors and following you around become their next favourite things. Having door stops can prevent their fingers from being slammed in between doors. If it is a room that you do not wish them to explore, then it is better to invest in childproof locks.


Hide chords

Exposed chords are interesting lines that can lead your baby to harm. Cover any chords from your fridge, tv, lamps or any electrical equipment that can injure them. Explore your home to find any exposed electrical lines and have these sorted before your baby can crawl. Always make sure that your iron is out of reach when ironing or when you are done using other equipment.


Protecting them from falls

Babies have soft bones that are still in the process of being developed, which can be dangerous should they fall. Keeping an eye on your baby when you are changing them by placing a hand on them as you reach for a napkin or wipes is vital. Try to move changing them to low surfaces such as the floor to avoid having them rolling over and falling. If you are still using a changing table, make sure that they are always supervised. Never leave a baby unsupervised on a bouncy chair, couch or high chair that can put them at risk of falling.


Securing them financially

Having a baby is no walk in the park both physically and financially. Every parent wants to provide their child with a secure financial future that will provide for them should they fall sick, injure themselves and need surgery, or when you are no longer around to provide for them. Having protection in the form of life cover or MiLittleLife can give you peace of mind knowing that they are financially protected for life's unforeseen events. 


Always view your home from the perspective of your child. Wherever there are chords, doors, stringy things, or things that peak from the surface, they would likely want to grab it. Remember to invest in childproof locks for the fridge, your medicine cabinet, toilet, or areas that have chemicals and sharp tools.

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