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Top Tips For Getting Your Baby to Sleep
Top Tips For Getting Your Baby to Sleep
10 May 2019

Getting your baby to sleep can be something that leaves new parents in a zombie state. Furthermore, a study has proved that this can cause new parents to lose out on proper sleep for six long years before they can rest their weary bones.

To save yourself from sleepless nights we have compiled essential tips on getting your young one to sleep.

Drown out noises with white noise

Cradling a sleeping baby is like a ticking time bomb. Make a wrong move or sound and your baby could be up and cranky from being woken. One of the ways in which you can get your baby to sleep is to drown out house noises with white noise. You can also opt to improvise with a fan in summer or a hairdryer set too low to lull your baby to sleep.

Set a nap time routine

Setting a bedtime routine can make it easier to get your baby to sleep. Not only will it help them to get better sleep, but it also decreases the number of times that they cry out at night. The trick is to keep them busy during the day and calm towards the evening. This means carrying out activities that can get them excited throughout the day and saving their favourite activity towards the end of the day. Giving your child a bath in the evening is also a great way to put your baby to sleep.

Love me in the dark

It’s always easier to get some shut-eye in a room that is dark compared to one that is flooded with light. Keeping the blinds or curtains closed can be useful during the day. Having soft night lights set in the room can also bring a soothing presence for babies that are still getting accustomed to the dark.

Keeping their sleeping spot warm

Making the transition from a car seat or from your chest to their bed is crucial. Placing a hot water bottle on the surface that they are going to sleep on can assist with this transition. Try to keep them in the same position in which you found them in and remember to remove the hot water bottle. You can also try the limp test by lifting their arm to see if they are asleep. If it drops with ease, then you can slink away.

Feed and change them before they sleep

Feeding your baby before their night nap and changing their diaper means more uninterrupted sleep for you and them. Tag teaming with your partner by alternating checking on the baby can also help you get some sleep. However, it is also good to keep in mind that your baby is different from the next. Therefore, learning what works for them can help you create a routine that gets them to sleep on time.

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