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Getting Your Baby Started on Veggies
Getting Your Baby Started on Veggies
05 Nov 2019

Splattered food across the surface and the stubborn turning of their head back and forth that is trying to avoid the spoon of mush you are trying to get between their tiny lips is something that all parents face at some point.

You know that this is something good to help your baby grow and help build their immune system, but to a baby, it is seen as torture served on a spoon. So how do you get them to embrace their veggies without them putting up a fight? Here are five tips to make introducing veggies to your child easier.


You have to keep trying

The weening process can be challenging for babies. Not only are they trying something new, but they are also being introduced to a food group that even most adults get overly excited about. So how do you start them off?

According to pediatrics, you can start introducing your baby to solid foods at 6 months by starting them with pureed veggies. Feeding them a teaspoon of mild-tasting veggies such as pumpkins, carrots, avocado, and squash a day can help them get used to the taste and gradually increase the portions to a cup size.

 It is not uncommon for a baby to wrinkle their nose or bust out crying as you introduce them to some of the bitter-tasting veggies such as spinach. The trick is to not imitate their facial reaction but to encourage them. Remember to pace the feeding process by skipping a day or two before starting them up again.


Play with your food


Playing with your food may have been frowned upon by your parents, but in this case, it’s time to release the artist in you. Babies are more likely to embrace something that looks and smells good. Placing the puree in a visually appealing bottle for them to drink out of or assembling the veggies in a creative way such as trees, a car, a smiling face or a character they love will make stomaching the veggies easier.


You will have to buy into it first


If you are someone that hardly eats vegetables, it’s unlikely that your baby will gravitate towards them when they are introduced to it. It’s recommended that a third of your plate be made up of vegetables to balance your diet. The bonus is that your baby will get used to seeing these vegetables and would be more open to trying it out.


Mix and match for new flavours

Let’s face it, vegetables can taste bland to the palette which makes it hard to keep up with. However, you can mix and match your fruits and vegetables to make an interesting puree. For example, mixing sweet potatoes with pears will not only be sweet to taste, but it will also leave them wanting more. Remember to space these new flavours to see if they have any reaction to them.


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