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Breast Cancer and Breast Feeding: What to Know
Breast Cancer and Breast Feeding: What to Know
30 Oct 2019

Any mother will know that breastfeeding can help the development of their baby by boosting their immune system.

However, it can also have the benefit of lowering your risk of getting breast cancer. Couple this with a monthly self-examination and you could save your life as it can lead to early detection of breast cancer.


Breastfeeding could lower your risk 

Research conducted by AICR revealed that breastfeeding mothers lowered their risk of having breast cancer. Furthermore, women who breastfed their baby’s for longer than six months increased their protection. Breastfeeding may not guarantee complete protection against breast cancer, which is why women are still advised to go for regular screening tests and to do a self-examination test at least once a month.


How does it work

If you are wondering how breastfeeding could protect you from breast cancer, it is in the hormonal changes. The hormonal changes that occur during pregnancy and lactation reduce hormones such as estrogen which is known to promote breast cancer cell growth.


This does not mean that breastfeeding women are in the clear as 3% of breast cancer cases occur in breastfeeding women. According to the World Health Organisation, to reap the full reward of breastfeeding to boost your child’s health and reduce your risk of breast cancer you need to be breastfeeding for at least six months.


Protecting what matters most to you

Holding your baby in your arms for the first time is a beautiful moment. It’s also the moment when you realise that you will have to protect and provide for your bundle(s) of joy at all costs. As much as you would love to be there for them, life can happen.


Whether you find a lump in your breast or their breast it is always best to be prepared. Having a cover in place such as MiLittleLife can ensure that you and your baby are protected from the financial expenses that come with unforeseen circumstances, giving you peace of mind.

Remember to always do self-examinations at least once a month and to schedule regular doctor appointments.



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