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How to Get Your Child to Drink More Water Over the Summer Season
How to Get Your Child to Drink More Water Over the Summer Season
10 Oct 2019

In the eyes of a child, water is fun to play with, but not many see the appeal of drinking cups of it unless it's after a fizzy drink spree.

If you are reaching a point where you are worried that your child will be made of more juice than water, we have you covered with these fun tips to convince them to drink more water over the summer season.


Make drinking water interesting

Drinking cups of water out of a glass or a plastic cup can be dull, even for adults. Switching things up for your child is crucial when getting them to drink more water. Placing water into a colourful or interesting bottle can encourage them to drink more.


Use fruit cubes

The aim is to avoid loading your child with artificial sugars and fizzy drinks. Making the transition from sugary drinks to water can be jarring for a child, but this can be eased by adding fruit pieces to the water. You can add a fun twist by freezing the fruit pieces into ice-cubes and then placing them in water.


The reward system

Rewarding your child for drinking water is one way to get them keen on drinking more of it. However, try not to make their reward something sugary as this could take them back to square one. Instead, you could opt for stickers if they are a toddler or collecting enough stickers to get them a new item they have been eyeing.


Lead by example

Children are likely to follow what you do. If you do not drink enough water, they are less likely to do it themselves. What you can do to make drinking water a habit in your household is purchasing a bottle or a special glass that encourages you to drink more. You can also advocate for drinking water during meal times instead of having juice or fizzy drinks.


Switching to water can help you save

Making the conscious switch from sweet drinks to water will not only benefit your health, but it can also give your wallet a breather. Whether you are taking your children out for the day, remember to pack their water bottle with fruit pieces. You can also opt to have water when you are dining out instead of ordering fizzy drinks.


The health benefits that come with drinking water are limitless, which is why it is important to create a space where drinking water is the norm. Always remember that you are in control of the grocery list. Therefore, whatever you purchase will be consumed.

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