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How to Deal With Different Types of Baby Heat Rashes
How to Deal With Different Types of Baby Heat Rashes
15 Oct 2019

There are many reasons as to why your baby could develop a heat rash. Baby's skin is more sensitive than adults, which is why they are more likely to develop a heat rash.

What causes heat rashes in babies

Heat rashes in babies can make any parent panic, but these are quite common in babies. When it's hot, a baby's body will release sweat over the surface of the skin to keep them cool. Babies have tiny pores that can get clogged from time to time. This means that the sweat can get trapped, resulting in a rash.


Areas that are most likely to break out in a rash are places where there are folds of skin such as the armpit or groin area. Dressing your baby in layers of tight clothes, swaddling them, or being in an area that is hot can also cause them to get a rash. Babies are unable to regulate their temperatures like adults, therefore checking if they are sweating or feeling cold is crucial. If the rash persists, then it’s time to consult a doctor.


What does a heat rash look like?

While the common symptom of a heat rash can be red bumps, pimples or other symptoms such as:

A rash that may appear red

Swollen area of skin or tiny pin-sized blisters

Skin is hot to the touch

A rash that looks like tiny beads of sweat trapped under the skin

Itchy skin that causes irritated patches of skin

A pimple looking rash could develop


Things to ease the heat rash

The common mistake that parents do when treating heat rashes is reaching for a rash cream to soothe the symptoms. However, it is important to consult the doctor or follow these steps to ease their discomfort:

Keep your child in a cool area. This means placing them in a ventilated area that is shaded. Getting a fan to keep them cool during the summer season can also prove to be helpful.

Keep their skin dry and cool. You can achieve this by wiping them down with a wet wipe or a cool towel and making them wear loose-fitting clothes to avoid them sweating during hot days.

Clean the skin folds to reduce the build-up of sweat. The groin and neck are areas that your child will develop heat rashes due to the sweat building up there. Skin in the joint area can also develop rashes due to friction, which is why it is vital to keep them cool and dry in these regions.

Handle their skin with care. Using skin care products and soaps that are suitable for sensitive skin is essential. Make sure that you use soft fabrics to pat them down with after taking a bath to wash away the oil and sweat on their skin.



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