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6 Things to Help You Relax This Holiday
6 Things to Help You Relax This Holiday
09 Dec 2021

When you think of a holiday, the first thing that comes to mind is relaxing, doing something that makes you forget what day it is and also enjoying the ease of simply existing and getting sun kissed.

However, 44% of people spend most of their time stressed. If you are one of these people, we have handy tips to help you drop your shoulders and relax your clenched jaw. 


Take a moment

The festive season is often filled with family, friends and public spaces that can be quite noisy during this time. While it can be a much needed distraction and a way to connect with loved ones, it can also become overwhelming. Take a moment to breathe, and no, this doesn't have to be meditation. Take a five-minute breather, or more depending on how much time you have, to simply destress. Be it finding a quiet spot to sit in silence or going for a walk. Having these moments can help you, especially when you have a busy day packed with activities.


Don’t set an alarm

Remember that this is a time to recover and rest. Therefore, allow yourself a day over the holidays where you do not set an alarm and allow yourself to wake up when you feel ready. Alarms can sometimes be a reminder of the rush, which can set off anxiety and stress in the body. Take a moment to soak up the morning until your body or your child wakes you up.


Family time

Whether this includes the whole family or a select few, spending time with loved ones can be the boost that you need. Instead of embarking on an outing, try staying at home. You can plan activities at home such as a family dinner, a bring and share or the simple task of lazing around in each other’s company to rest from the rush of the holiday.


Surround yourself with good things

Decluttering your space and lighting a candle with relaxing essential oils can be a fix, especially when you are winding down for bed. Surrounding yourself with good scents in the form of lavender, rose, sandalwood or orange can be soothing. Take time to do an activity that helps relax you.


Do nothing

This might seem counterproductive of a self-care weekend, but there is an art to doing nothing without getting bored out of your mind. Find something that really helps you unwind but is done in a slow-paced manner. This could be taking a nap outside under the shade, indulging in a hot bath, or spending the day lathering up in luxurious body creams and face masks while being surrounded by scented candles. Find your 'do nothing' and unwind.


Ditch last minute preps

There is fun in being spontaneous. However, when it comes to planning activities that require a budget or shopping you will need to do these in advance. Planning your way around this can help you avoid last-minute preparations that can be stressful, but also throw any budget out the window. Your future self will thank you for doing things in advance.

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