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The Self-Care Weekend We All Need
The Self-Care Weekend We All Need
23 Sep 2021

Finding ways to unplug and unwind during the weekend is something that is encouraged for everyone.

What better way to do this than to have a self-care weekend that leaves you feeling relaxed and ready to take on the new week? Here are a few ideas to get you started on your self-care weekend.


A moment of silence

This could be tricky if you have children in the house but finding a moment in the day to sit in silence without the distraction of keeping busy or staring at a screen can be beneficial. Even if it is a short stroll in the park or a peaceful part of your neighbourhood.


Attempt some art therapy

You don't necessarily have to be good at it but finding a creative outlet that lets you ease the tension is worth it. Doodle the day away or choose to things such as painting, creating a mood board, journalling, or finally starting that D.I.Y project you have been thinking of.


Move your body

Being still may not be for everyone but moving your body can be the release that you need. You can be intentional with relaxing stretches like yoga, hitting the road running, or dancing wildly in the space of your lounge. Don't be afraid to shake it off.


Do nothing

This might seem counterproductive of a self-care weekend, but there is an art to doing nothing without getting bored out of your mind. Find something that really helps you unwind but is done in a slow-paced manner. This could be taking a nap outside under the shade, indulging in a hot bath, or spending the day lathering up in luxurious body creams and face masks while being surrounded by scented candles. Find your 'do nothing' and unwind.


Invite your inner child

Take a moment to enjoy something that you used to enjoy doing as a child. Be it using an adult colouring book or going to a game park or racing karts. The aim of self-care is to not find yourself overthinking but being present in the moment.


Roadtrip to a local market

Whether it's planning a road trip to a food market or simply driving with a good playlist to a scenic road route, there is something for everyone. Planning places to stop at can make for some interesting memories. Aim to keep it local without having to overextend yourself to far-flung places, unless that is your favourite thing to do.


Prepare some soul food

Make it one day in the week or month where you really get to indulge in your favourite meals. Whatever brings a party in your mouth. You can choose to spread these out throughout the day or have a specific time of your day. There is no room for guilt on this one.

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