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Full Body Stretches to Keep You Relaxed
Full Body Stretches to Keep You Relaxed
03 Sep 2021

Stretches are just as important as any workout. They are a great way to relieve your muscles from pain and also increase your flexibility. These five easy full-body stretches can be done by anyone looking for a way to stretch their body in a way that will leave them feeling good. Let's get started!

Lower back stretch

Whether it's from spending too much time sitting as you work from home or need relief from your workout, lower back stretches are the way to go. For a quick stretch in your chair, bring one leg to your chest. Go as close as you can to your chest and hold your leg for 30 seconds. Gently release your leg to the floor and do the same with your other leg.


You can also do this on the floor by taking up the child's pose position. Start with you being on all fours and slowly push your body back until your face is parallel to the floor and your legs are tucked in beneath you.


Extend your arm above your head without touching your ears. Gently breath in and out.  You should feel a good stretch in your hip flexors and your lower back.  For a deeper stretch in your back, gently rock from side to side. You shouldn't feel any pain. If you do, stop and ease out of the position.


Shoulder stretch

If you are at your computer and starting to ache in the shoulder region, simply lift and drop your shoulders gently. Do this slow for five seconds at a time while breathing slowly. Now reach your hands into the air by going as far as you can. Extend your body side to side with your hands in the air for a deeper stretch.


Those who are looking for a calming way to ease the muscle pain from their shoulders after a workout can try:


Start by standing shoulder-width apart. Raise your right arm to shoulder height and gently pull your arm by the elbow with your left hand into your chest. Bring this as close as possible to your chest and gently release it to switch to the other arm. You can repeat this until you feel good.


Upper back stretch

Find a comfortable spot to sit. Begin by clasping your hands together in front of you and lower your head with your chin nicely tucked in. Round your back as you press your arms away from your body. You should be feeling a good stretch in your back. You can also contract your abs for 15 - 30 seconds to get a deeper stretch. Release and repeat until you feel relaxed.


Calve stretch

Whether you have been doing a lot of walking or need something to help you relax your calve muscles after a run, calve stretches can help you. Stand with your hands against the wall or the back of a chair. Bring your right foot forwards with a slight bend at the knee.


Move your left leg back in a straight line with your left foot flat against the ground. You should feel a gentle stretch in your calf and back leg. Do this for 30 seconds for each side. However, should you feel any discomfort or pain, stop the stretch.


Neck stretch

Ease the tension in your neck by dropping your chin towards your chest. Gently tilt your head to the left until you feel a slight stretch in your right side. Go as far as you feel comfortable but avoid anything strenuous. Hold this position for 30 to 60 seconds and repeat on the other side until you feel relaxed.

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