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7 Ways to Deal With Stress and Anxiety of Being in a Pandemic
7 Ways to Deal With Stress and Anxiety of Being in a Pandemic
26 Aug 2021

Some days you have it under control, other days feel like you are moving backwards. The truth is, everyone is feeling more stressed and anxious during the pandemic than we did previously.

Finding healthy coping mechanisms for your down days is crucial to avoid developing habits that can cause more harm than good. Here are seven ways to deal with such moments.


Run or walk

These are known methods that help the body relax and can also clear your mind. You can choose to plug in and listen to music on your run or walk or simply do this activity in silence. Always remember that taking a break from the thing that is stressing you by focusing on something that will help you relax can give you time to clear your mind and increase the chances of you handling it better.

Floor exercise

You will need a mat or a cozy surface to lay on your back. This can be done at home for a minute or more. Aim to get yourself in a quiet space and simply lay on the floor. Be present by clenching and unclenching various muscle groups. Breathe and feel yourself slowly relax. Try not to think about whatever it is that is stressing you. You can also slowly work through why it is stressing you. Should you feel yourself tensing up or getting angry, stop. Breathe and count back from 10 slowly and try to relax.

Count when you are feeling anxious

If you are feeling anxious, distracting your mind from the thing that makes you feel anxious can ease your anxiety.  Find a quiet and comfortable spot. Close your eyes and count to 10 slowly. Focus on your breathing. You can repeat this until you feel calm. Be patient with yourself when relief doesn't happen as quickly as you would like, keep in mind that you can start again until you feel a sense of calm.


Staying active and eating healthy may be the last thing you would want to do when you are stressed or anxious, but this is a healthy way to release those feel-good hormones (endorphins) that will leave you feeling relaxed. Exercising also improves your sleep patterns, especially when you find yourself struggling to get some shut eye.


Reach out to loved ones

Talking to friends, family or a therapist can help you deal with stress or anxiety by being able to talk through it. No man is an island and sometimes speaking to other people we trust can make it easier to handle stress. 


Know when to say no

Sometimes stress and anxiety can be caused by things we have agreed to, which can become too heavy to handle when the time comes. Sometimes learning to say no and avoiding taking on too much to please people is the best way to avoid breaking down. You have the power to say no.


Stick to a schedule

Procrastination is not only a way to make things build-up, but it can induce stress and anxiety when you least need it. Stick to a schedule when it comes to balancing work and your personal life. While there may be days where you do not want to face a certain task, aim to do it. You can always choose to switch around your task but aim to have it done as soon as possible.

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