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Unwind With The Family With These 5 Stress Free Activities
Unwind With The Family With These 5 Stress Free Activities
06 Aug 2021

When was the last time you spent some time unwinding with your family?

Family time may often be characterised by being active, doing things, and going places, but sometimes mindfully taking the time to slow things down and unwind in a meaningful way without the involvement of screentimes is needed. Not sure where to start? Here are a few relaxing activities you can do at home.


Flying a kite

This one will require some doing, but more bonding. Creating a kite is a simple and relaxing thing that you can do with people of all ages. You can use plastic bags or material that will be able to hold against the wind. You can add a signature by decorating it in whichever way you like. The aim is not to get it perfect but to enjoy time unwinding making something as simple as a kite. 



If you feel like spending more time behind the four walls of your house will drive you crazy, you can always step out for a small picnic at your local park. Including sky gazing in your unwinding activity can give everyone time to slow down and just be. Remember to pack shades to protect your eyes or choose a well-shaded area. You can also choose to do this when it's warmer in your backyard during the afternoon.


Relaxed colouring

Colouring books for both adults and children can be a great way to unwind. Setting the right atmosphere that is rid of any distractions, except for relaxing sounds can help with the unwinding process. Allow the moment to unfold naturally. If someone sparks a conversation, let it happen. Spending time silently, in the moment, and doing a repetitive task such as colouring can be relaxing. Make sure you have some snacks on standby.


The culinary experience

Choosing something simple such as baking together for dessert later in the evening can be a relaxing experience if it is done collectively. While some people prefer to be alone in the kitchen when they are whipping up a storm, there are ways you can turn your cooking time into a culinary experience worth bonding over. Make sure that everyone is included by giving each person a task, even if it is as simple as fetching items and mixing ingredients. 


Getting comfortable with silence

Having a silent home may seem impossible, especially with children around. However, there are ways in which you can get comfortable with being still and silent, even if it's just for 5 minutes of your day. It may be useful to set it up as a challenge for children where you can reward them if they succeed.


Start with an enforced quiet time in the day that starts with 5 - 10 minutes of being silent and gradually increase the time. You can continue your regular activities which exclude facing a screen. It will take time to quiet the noise within your head that tries to compensate for the silence.


Therefore, tapping into guided meditations can help. Try to be present by focusing on what's happening in your environment and inside you. Remember to just be.

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