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12 Things We Hope to do When The Lockdown Has Ended
12 Things We Hope to do When The Lockdown Has Ended
11 Sep 2020

Oh, the places you'll go once the lockdown has ended! The fun that you are planning to have will probably make the night before hard to sleep.

But with the freedom to finally go where you want to go, do the things you have been wanting to do, and finally get your fix on tasty meals and drinks you have been fantasizing about - things can get overwhelming unless you have a to-do list.

Here are 12 things to do we are all probably itching to do once the lockdown has ended.

Get our grooming game on

One look in the mirror may have a lot of us wondering when we will be able to go on a pampering spree to get our hair done and nails manicured. You are not alone.

Meet up with your favourite people

If you have been spending time away from loved ones, friends or partner, the first thing is definitely to make a stop at their place to celebrate being strong for so long without their company. 

Did someone say party?

Without the ability to gather as a group during the lockdown, a party is well in order. Whether you choose to have an intimate party in the comfort of your home, a braai, or a night on the town remember to have the time of your life responsibly.

Being able to go on a run

Being stuck behind four walls with the only option of outside time is going to the store, things can feel stuffy very quickly. Going for a run or a walk is something to do to clear your mind and stretch those over rested limbs.


We all want to escape from the places we have been enclosed in and what better way to do this than to visit a place outside of the province or do some international travelling?

Going to a restaurant

Taking yourself or your favourite person/people on a date at a favourite place is essential. The food that you have been craving? Make a list, and on the day, check it twice to see where you would like to start. Have a budget set in place to avoid breaking the bank.

Do the things you have been putting off

If you have been toying with the idea of doing things that scare you or always wanted to do but just never had the time to, now is the time. One thing the lockdown has probably revealed to us all is that you must enjoy every moment because you never know if it will come by again

Go to a live event

You can choose to go to a family event, sports event, concert or a creative gathering to let loose and relax. Anything but being stuck behind four walls is preferable.


A small gesture that we have taken for granted and has proven to be a much-needed gesture during the Coronavirus pandemic, will be on the cards with caution.

The opportunity to dress up

Taking a break from pyjamas, joggers, and that hoodie we always reach for will be welcomed. Being able to put together an outfit to go somewhere is something that is needed to break away from the at home look some of us have been pulling off for the past weeks.

Getting access to non-essential items

Being able to shop non-essential items whenever you want to or wander from store to store in search of whatever appeals to you is a mundane task that we have come to appreciate during this lockdown.

Being able to separate the days

Who knew that being able to separate Monday to Friday from the weekend instead of having the days blend into each other will be one of the things we need to help keep us sane?

As much as we would love to do a lot of things sooner, it is important to remember that each day you stay safe at home increase the chances of flattening the curve, which in turn will bring you close to experiencing the things you love once again.

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