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Why We Should Ditch New Year’s Resolutions
Why We Should Ditch New Year’s Resolutions
30 Dec 2020

The New Year is usually a time for a fresh start, marked with resolutions to better ourselves and achieve goals. But did you know that only 8% of people end up sticking to their resolutions? So what are we getting wrong when it comes to setting our goals for the New Year?

Setting an unachievable target

One common reason for failed resolutions is setting an unachievable target that is too broad. The number one resolution for both men and women is to improve their health, be it fitness or eating healthy foods. However, when it comes to completing this step as many as 38.7% of people find themselves lacking the will power or feeling too lazy to complete the set task. 


Having a broad resolution such as aiming to be healthier or saving more can easily lead to the task becoming too overwhelming, so we end up delaying any form of action. You may want to ditch New Year's resolutions completely and move towards a goal-orientated year. 


Ditch New Year’s Resolutions

Most people may think that a New Year's resolution and having a goal is the same thing, but it is not. Resolutions are the overarching view of what you would like your life to look like in the new year, but setting goals gives you measurables of when and how you can achieve this.


Goals also help you avoid setting unrealistic targets that result in most people quitting. It allows you to assess where you are currently and how you can work towards improving daily. After all, it is the small steps we take that create a pathway to big changes.


Where to start

Once you have created a list of the goals you want to achieve, break these down into smaller manageable systems that can be achieved over time.

For example, handling your finances better in the upcoming year will require you to seek financial advice. The next step is to set up a budget that takes all your expenses into account; your needs, wants, insurance policies and investments.

Look at the things that are detracting from you achieving your goals and cut back so you can end up saving a set target which can be reinvested each month. This can be with any goal you have in mind. Put a number to it and assess how you can go about achieving this daily.


Practical guide on achieving your goals

The crucial thing to remember when setting a goal is that change will not come overnight. Be patient with yourself. Track your progress weekly to see where you are winning and where you can improve. You will make mistakes and sometimes backtrack but remember the consistency will reward you in ways you cannot imagine. Other things to keep in mind are:

Set a review time on your calendar to check in on your progress.

Slowly adjust your habits instead of doing a 360 flip which can be hard to maintain.

Live within your means financially. Don’t be afraid to cut back on things you don’t need.

Work towards building financial security in the form of investments, life insurance, retirement annuities and savings.

Always adapt. While reviewing your goals is useful, don’t forget to adapt after each review to stay on track.

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