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7 Ways to Get Back into Your Fitness Routine
7 Ways to Get Back into Your Fitness Routine
04 Sep 2020

Being in lockdown where you get to wear sweatpants or pyjamas for most of the day can have us fooled that everything is ok until you try to squeeze into that pair of jeans.

There's no need to feel guilty about the last time you committed to your workout routine. Here are seven ways in which you can get back into your workout routine with ease.

Focus on one thing at a time

A common mistake people make when trying to get back into a workout routine is to do an overhaul on their diet and go hard on day one. Not only will this be a shock to your body and also increase your chances of quitting before you see results, but it can also result in injuries. Focus on one thing at a time by setting a goal and gradually moving towards reaching it.

Set a realistic goal

Using an hour to sweat at the gym may not be an option for you, especially with the new social distancing rules imposed for gyms. Therefore, work around building a schedule that fits with whatever time you have. You can break up your workout throughout the day into short sessions. For example, having a 10-minute cardio session and another 10-minute bodyweight workout spread throughout the day is better than having to squeeze everything into your evening when you are more likely to be exhausted from the day.

The aim is not to starve yourself

Your diet is equally important when it comes to seeing results but avoid making the mistake of starving your way to your goal. Not only is this an unhealthy way, but it can cause you to regain all the weight you have lost since your body will try to compensate for the drastic weight loss. Speaking to a nutritionist or a doctor to follow a diet that is suitable for your diet is vital. Food shouldn't be used as a reward system, but to help bring you closer to your goals.

Include the golden trio

It is better to do short workouts throughout your day than to do none at all. The best workouts to do are ones that focus on cardiovascular endurance, resistance training, and exercises that focus on improving your flexibility. Remember to maintain a pace that you are comfortable and pay close attention to your body. Should you feel any uncomfortable or sharp pain, reduce your movements or stop.

Never neglect warm-ups

Warm-ups and cool-down exercises are a great way to get the oxygen to your muscles and reduce stiff joints that can cause injuries. It can also prepare you to ease your way into a session instead of jumping into a workout that will leave you exhausted before you are halfway. Doing these on rest days can help ease the muscle pain that will come after a workout.

Hydrate every chance you get

Water is your best friend. Drinking unaltered water is ideal for weight maintenance, can improve your skin, reduce cramps and fatigue when you work out. Many health benefits come with replacing sugary drinks with 2 litres of water a day. If you find drinking plain water boring overtime, switch things up by adding fruit pieces to add flavour.

Take rest days

Your body needs rest to regain the energy and heal from each session. Take rest days to stretch or use foam rollers to ease the pain from your muscle. Going for a walk can also help you destress and relax, making you ready to face the next session. Always remember that it is not a race but a gradual move towards your goal. The more you do it the better it gets.

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