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Short Workouts for Women on The Go
Short Workouts for Women on The Go
20 Aug 2020

Some days you may not have the time or the energy to go through an hour workout session, but still want to get some time in to stick to your health goals.

Whether you are a beginner who is looking for short but effective workouts to do at home or a regular who does not have the time, these workouts are a go-to.

The essentials

Bodyweight workouts will be a go-to.

Include cardio with 10-15 minute intervals throughout your day.

Remember to always maintain good form instead of focusing on speed.

Boost workouts by balancing it with a healthy meal plan.

Remember to have days where you rest by stretching.

Body weight squats

Warm-up with 20 jumping jacks by going at an even pace then take a 10-second break. Doing a warm-up can help get your muscles relaxed and ready for your workout, which will assist you in avoiding injuries. When squatting, make sure that your knees do not pass your toes. Keep your core engaged and your arms out to get a full body workout. Always remember to keep the same pace you started with.

Flat-out burpees

Flat out burpees are a good form of cardio that targets every muscle in your body and will get your muscles working and your heart pumping. The difference between this burpee and the traditional burpee is that your whole body touches the floor. When coming up, remember to start with your chest and follow with your hips instead of the other way around. You can start with 10 burpees four times in a day. Gradually increase this to 20 when you get comfortable to get a good workout in. Speed and form are crucial to executing a flat-out burpee, so choose a pace that you can maintain and focus.


Planks are a great way to engage every muscle in your body. You can do 1-minute planks three times a day for those days where you want to get in a quick workout. Remember to keep good form by engaging your core and setting your arms directly under your shoulders. Your pelvis should not be lifted or dipping. Try to keep your back and pelvis as straight as possible for each minute.

Plank taps

Engage your core as you get into the plank position. Remember to keep your palms directly under your shoulder and begin to tap the opposite shoulder. Do this 16 times and rest for 10 seconds. You can repeat as many times as you feel comfortable.

Cardio Packed Minute

The beauty of these workouts is that you can combine everything and do it in one go, but keep in mind to listen to your body. For those busy days, you can include a cardio workout that requires only a minute each. For a five-minute workout that packs in a punch; start with a 1-minute jumping jack session, 1-minute kicks, 1-minute punches, 1-minute crossing punches, 1-minute plank, and a 1-minute squat session. Give it your best effort and focus on maintaining good form.

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