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Mistakes to Avoid When Getting Back into a Fitness Regime
Mistakes to Avoid When Getting Back into a Fitness Regime
17 Jul 2020

If you are one of the many people whose workout rest day has turned to an indefinite leave of absence, and now you want to get back into it, it is important to avoid hurting yourself.

It is all about easing your way back into a rhythm that works for your body without putting a strain on yourself and the important muscles that you are trying to rebuild. Here are handy tips to get you started.

Action with no direction

You may have missed days, weeks or months of training and now you want to make up for the lost time. The common mistake is to pack in a session with too many workouts which can compromise the quality of your reps. Always remember that it's not about how many reps you can do in one sitting, but it's about the quality of each rep which requires you to be mindfully engaging your movements to get the best results.

Keeping unrealistic goals

Most people have a body goal they want to achieve or a level of fitness they want to reach, but it is important to ask yourself if the time frame which you have set for yourself to achieve this is realistic. Understanding where you are currently at can help you set up a realistic workout schedule that works for you. For example, look at your lifestyle, how busy you are and how long you can work out for, instead of pushing too hard and getting no results which causes many people to quit or get injured.

Not maintaining the correct form

If you have been going at it for quite some time, but are not achieving the results you want, it could be due to the form you hold when exercising. Bad form can also result in pain and injuries, especially when you are doing strength training. Always check with a personal trainer if you are holding the right form or check the position in which the person is holding in an app if you are exercising from home.

Sticking to an unhealthy diet

Reaching your health goals is 80% diet and 20% workout. Sticking to the same diet can slow down your progress which can lead to frustrations. Whether you are planning on getting lean or building muscle, it is important to adapt your diet accordingly to get the best results without harming your health. Switching your diet can also reduce injuries and pain when exercising.

Skipping your warm-ups and cool-down sessions

Avoid skipping this important part of any workout, as it can lead to injuries. Take time to warm up to give your muscles the flexibility that it needs to execute each exercise with ease. Doing a few warm-up and cool-down exercises can allow the blood and oxygen to circulate in your muscles, giving them ample time to adapt.

Pain does not necessarily mean gain

One of the dangerous myths is that if you do not feel pain or remain shaking after a workout, you are not doing it right. Not only will this lead to you feeling like a stiff board the next day, but it can also cause injuries that can impact your performance. It is crucial to listen to the signals that your body sends to you instead of pushing it beyond what it can handle. Should you feel any uncomfortable or sharp pain, then it is important to stop. Always remember to stay hydrated and to switch up your workouts to avoid being bored.

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