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Home Exercise Tips: How Exercise Can Help You Through This Tough Time
Home Exercise Tips: How Exercise Can Help You Through This Tough Time
24 Apr 2020

Finding ways to stay active while at home and in lockdown is trending all over social media, but how do you do this without hurting yourself and also get the best results? Werner Meyer, Biokineticist and Co-owner of Bio health gives his tips.

“As a Biokineticist, we focus on the promotion of health and rehabilitation through exercise to allow for optimal physical functioning in all components of day to day living.” Comments Werner  

Exercise has been shown to reduce cardiovascular risks, encourage weight loss (preventing metabolic dysfunction), reap the long term benefits that improve your immune system, as well as helping with maintaining mental health.

Based on the above we can see it is essential to continue with an exercise program during these difficult times. Many people may be intimidated about starting training in an unfamiliar environment and be daunted by the lack of space and equipment but here are some useful tips to do training at home.

1)Planning is essential: 

  • Have a structured exercise program with directed goals each day (time is on your side you may even improve over this three-week period)

2)High Volume exercise

  • To compensate for lack of weights try to increase the number of reps in each exercise

3)Keep it simple

  • Use familiar exercises (lunges, squats and push-ups)
  • Focus on the use of body weight (mountain climbers, bicep curls, variations of planks)

There are some amazing apps and Youtube videos to help from Addidas and Nike. 

4)The essentials

  • Squats/Lunges/Push-ups/Crunches/Calf raises/Dips

5)Be Creative

  • Make weights using 2L filled water bottles/ flour bags or packing your gym bag with filled bottles etc
  • Use your home: Benches/ stairs/ the pool

As always stop if anything hurts and exercise in a safe place away from dangerous objects.

In this difficult time, our thoughts go out to everyone in South Africa. The challenges we face are many but it is more vital than ever to look after your well-being. Planning and positive goal setting will help you focus on more than the current situation.  

Werner Meyer is a Biokineticist and co-owner of Biohealth. Find out more about his practise here: https://wernermeyerbiokinetics.com/

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