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Upgrading Your Home on a Budget
Upgrading Your Home on a Budget
23 Jun 2021

If your place is a D.I.Y project waiting to happen or you are looking for ways you can upgrade your space without breaking the bank, we have a list of cost-effective upgrades that will make your space feel more like home. Let's get started.

Make a statement with wallpaper

If you are looking for something different to bring into your space, but not looking for a long-term commitment like paint then wallpaper is your best bet. With many designs and colours that are available, you can apply wallpaper, which is easy to remove once you get tired of it. You can use a slither of wallpaper to cover certain segments of your wall to an entire room. It can also be a cost-effective alternative to painting your wall based on how much you end up using.


Declutter with smart storage

Sometimes it seems like clutter comes out of nowhere and all of a sudden, your home feels like there is no room to breathe. Investing in smart furniture or creating your own D.I.Y storage furniture to suit your taste can be one of the best things you can do for your pocket and space. Always consider multipurpose furniture when upgrading your home, especially if you are a parent. It is budget-friendly and will open up your place to make it feel like there is more space.


Give your furniture a fresh coat of paint

It's the simple things that can make or break furniture. Keep in mind to invest in furniture and frequently touched pieces that have a good bone structure to avoid having to replace. Should your cupboards and chairs still be in good condition, but you find them lacking in appeal, you could consider a simple paint job. Adding a new coat of paint and replacing handles with something more appealing can be a great way to breathe life into a space. Finding someone good at re-upholstering furniture can also help you avoid having to replace your furniture.


Keep the long- term value in mind

Be careful of making the common mistake that comes with some D.I.Y projects where people tend to invest all their time, energy and money into projects that they will see little to no return on their investment. If you are planning on moving or selling your home at a later stage, it is crucial to keep long-term projects that can give you a good return. Look at ways to increase the value of your property by investing in energy-efficient lighting and insulation. The same goes with replacing showerheads and sealing cracks that can become a problem in the long run.


A restful nook

One of the recent property trends is more people looking for a green space or a yard that they can see themselves relaxing in. Creating such spaces matters now more than ever as we spend more time at home. Creating a small garden nook in your space or your backyard will be worth the investment.

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