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Luxury Travel Tips for Your Next Trip
Luxury Travel Tips for Your Next Trip
05 May 2021

You know it is time for a holiday when all you can do is think about your sweet escape to a luxurious destination. Tapping into the next luxurious destination doesn't have to be expensive.

There are ways you can enjoy all the bells and whistles of a luxurious escape when you know the smart money moves to make. Here are a few tips to make your next luxury vacation possible.


How to unlock luxury travel deals?

Most people think that luxury trips will cost you a kidney to only experience a fraction of what is on offer. It all depends on your planning and how good you are at finding a good deal for half the price. But where do you start?


P.C.S is the best thing you can do - Plan in advance, Compare your options and Save towards your big day. Give yourself time to plan towards a date that you can realistically save towards.


Travelling off-season is your best bet in terms of finding trips for a fraction of the price compared to when it's peak season. It will differ in terms of how many people you are travelling with and where you are going, but we have some handy tips to get you started. 


Consider your options

You can choose to cut back by joining loyalty programs that will offer you discounts and perks to use on your trip. Using comparison sites or a travel agent can also cut back on the amount of research you will have to use to get yourself the best deal. 


Not only do they have industry knowledge, but you can get a list of results with various rates that will be most suitable for your budget. Always remember to create a budget and then shop for quotes to avoid blowing a hole in your finances.


Whatever you do plan ahead

According to a survey by Wonga, 76% of people tend to overspend on their holidays. The last thing any of us wants is to come back with holiday regrets instead of memories.


While a spontaneous getaway sounds fun, not having a plan for a trip can end up costing you dearly. Have a budget, a list of things you would like to do and places you would love to see and save towards it. Leave some room for emergency expenses in your budget for things that can pop up on any vacation, especially when it comes to entertainment, medical, insurance and food.


Keep track of your spending

Keep track of your spending. Carry cash for your day out if you have to but avoid carrying large sums of money for your safety. Another way you can get more value for your money is by exploring hidden gems that are available locally that are not tourist attractions to save on costs. Remember to avoid places that are weak spots for you that can end up seeing you spend more than you had planned.


Switch up your travel method

Flying can be a convenient way to travel, but there are other ways you can enjoy travelling to your destination. Luxury trains such as the Blue Train offer travellers the perfect escape along scenic routes with the feel of staying at a moving hotel. Not only do you get to explore the South African landscape, but you also save on the cost of paying for a hotel.

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