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Cost Effective Checks to Do Before You Go on Holiday
Cost Effective Checks to Do Before You Go on Holiday
31 Mar 2021

The Easter holidays will continue to look different for many family's this year. Furthermore, with more people looking for cost-effective holidays as well as spending time with family without breaking the bank, it doesn't hurt to know a few tips on how you can save money this April.

Here is a checklist of things to do before you go on holiday that will see you save money.


Do your research

The Easter weekend is well upon us, but that doesn't mean you cannot do a bit of research on things to do at your destination that will not break the bank. Planning is key. Make a plan of things you would like to do on your own or with your loved ones and what you are willing to spend. Keep in mind to have a buffer for those unexpected expenses. Research also buys you time to find affordable alternatives and sales that can work with your budget instead of wrecking it.


Make sure you are covered

Check that your insurance is up to date before you leave. While we all wish to arrive safely, accidents are bound to happen. The last thing anyone wants is finding that they are not covered because of some error or a missed payment that may have slipped their mind. Always remember to check that you are covered on all financial fronts.


Do a house check

The most common thing people tend to overlook is checking that lights are switched off in areas that do not need to remain lit and taps are closed. It also means unplugging appliances that do not need to be kept on while you are away to prevent power surges that could damage your appliances. Not doing these checks is the quickest way to return to an excessive bill. If you have home insurance, make sure that everything is up to date to protect you from unexpected expenses.


Share expenses

Splitting the costs with a friend or family member can make the trip more affordable, but make sure that you are on the same page before starting your journey. Consider the impact of travelling and eating during peak times that can affect your budget. Sometimes a good home-cooked meal can be better than eating out.


Is your car ready?

Take your car for the necessary inspections to avoid any bumps on your journey. Make sure that the emergency tools that are needed are working and that you have masks and sanitizers that can come in handy when you travel.

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