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Fun Easter Weekend Ideas
Fun Easter Weekend Ideas
19 Mar 2021

Whether you are planning to travel down to see the family or you are planning to spend time indoors, there is more than one way to enjoy this Easter without feeling like you are missing out. Here are five things for you to do.

Craft station with edibles

This is an activity that can be enjoyed by both adults and children. You can choose to paint chocolate easter eggs with edible paint or make cute bunny ears for each other with small dishes of sweets and snacks. Make sure you have some good tunes playing in the background to set the mood and have fun.


Easter themed picnic

Get out of the house by planning a socially distanced picnic at a park that has scenic views. You can set a theme of what people can wear or bring. Add a twist by having an egg and spoon race or an Easter egg hunt in the park.


A clue hunt

whether you will be spending Easter with family or your significant other, playing the clue game can make for an entertaining event. Make sure to have a surprise gift at the end. You will also have to be secretive with this one so that no one sees you hiding the clues.


Place the clues around the house that will bring them closer to finding a prize. Take things one step further by having a closing ceremony to celebrate their win. Of course, no one goes empty-handed so make sure that everyone has something to celebrate the day with.


Spend the day resting

Light some candles, relax at a pool without your phone being close by, create a self-care routine, plan a shoot, or spend the day journaling and reflecting on things that you are grateful for. Whatever floats your boat and keeps you calm, do it.


It is a time to avoid trying to be in control of everything but letting go and just breathing. For parents, you can get your child involved by showing them how they can start their own self care routine. You could also challenge them to draw you as someone who is sleeping, a perfect time to catch up on some sleep whilst they get creative.

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