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5 Tips to Childproof Your Home
5 Tips to Childproof Your Home
07 Jul 2020

Whether you have a baby on the way or your young one is starting to be active, baby proofing your home can help you to protect their inquisitive hands and tumbles as they begin to explore their environment. We have put together five handy tips to get you started.

Start with the basics

When baby proofing your home, it is essential to view your world from the eyes of your baby. You may need to get low for this to see what potential dangers may lie on their eye level. For starters, you could consider:

Secure heavy furniture that is easy to climb but could tip over if your child were to climb on it.

Consider installing smoke and carbon monoxide detectors that will alert you of any dangerous situations that could put you and your child in danger.

Cover your plugs points to prevent them from sticking their fingers into electrical outlets.

Clear the floor and reachable surfaces of objects that could be a choking hazard. You will also need to check what they play with as some toys can be a choking hazard too.

Install cabinet locks

Any cupboard that is reachable to their hands is a kingdom that is calling them to explore. Therefore, it is important to install cabinet locks that will prevent them from opening cupboards that have dangerous and toxic items that they can digest and injure themselves with.

Cover your pool

A child unsupervised around water can be dangerous and even fatal. If you have a pool, invest in pool covers that can prevent them from drowning in the pool. The same goes for making sure that areas that have water in which they can drown in are sealed off. Installing slip-proof mats around such areas can also be worthwhile.

Keep your electrical appliances out of reach

Anything that can be easy to plug in and switch on is a hazard to your child. Things such as a hairdryer, iron, or heater can be toyed with and lead to burns or them being electrocuted. When cooking make sure that the handles of the pots are out of reach by making it face the opposite direction.

Keep heavy and large objects out of the sleeping area

It is usually preferable for your baby to have their own sleeping area that is not in your bed to prevent accidents where a parent accidental smothers them. Things to check when putting them to sleep in their cot are: no heavy objects such as heavy blankets, large pillow or plush toys that are bigger than your child that can fall on them and suffocate them.

Dress them in clothes that are suitable for the temperature that is in the room and get them in the habit of sleeping on their back which decreases the chances of your baby suffocating in their sleep.

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