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The Easter Weekend Sees an 82% Drop in Death Tolls
The Easter Weekend Sees an 82% Drop in Death Tolls
23 Apr 2020

The Easter holidays are usually a time where thousands of South Africans hit the road to make their annual journey to visit their loved ones, but it also headlines as one of the worst times where fatalities increase significantly.

With the lockdown in place, a large portion of the population spent their Easter weekend away from their loved ones. The reduced traffic on the roads, in turn, saw the reduction in fatalities by 82% this year.

A small win in a big fight

Minister of Transport, Fikile Mbalula, reported that there were 28 deaths in total over the Easter weekend showing that the lockdown has proven to be efficient on many fronts when it comes to protecting South Africans. 

It is a significant drop from last year's fatalities, which saw 162 people dying on the roads over Easter. While most of the fatalities were pedestrians this year, a large number of motorists involved were in violation of the lockdown regulations. 

"Even post-Easter we have had a major minibus crash in the Eastern Cape with 15 people dead. They are breaking the lockdown regulations," comments Mbalula. 

As much as this is a welcomed win, there is still much that needs to be done to reduce road accidents that claim thousands of lives each year and costs the economy an estimated R164 billion.

A cascading effect financially 

According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), road fatalities are the leading cause when it comes to people aged 5-29 years. The report released by Mbalula revealed that the most affected group from these accidents were not the people involved, but the pedestrians (38%). 

However, the lasting effects reverberate even if people do not die from an accident. There is the chance to sustain a serious injury that can make someone disabled, but there is also the financial aspect of not being able to provide for themselves and their loved ones without an income.  Furthermore, the loss of a breadwinner can leave a devastating blow to their loved ones if they did not have life cover in place. 

Protecting your financial future

We may not be able to predict what the future holds, it is critical to have a plan in place that can protect you and your loved one's financial future. 

“Waiting till the last minute is a common mistake people make when it comes to life insurance. There is the fallacy that there is still time until it is too late,” says CEO of MiWayLife, Craig Baker. Taking out a policy at an earlier stage of your life while you are young and healthy can give you access to affordable premiums. 

It is crucial that during the lockdown, South African's adhere to the regulations to ensure the safety of everyone. Playing your part could contribute to flattening the curve and ensuring that everyone will get to see their loved ones once more.

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