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The Average Cost of a Funeral in South Africa
The Average Cost of a Funeral in South Africa
19 Feb 2020

Ever wondered what the average cost of a funeral is in South Africa? Not only will this help you be better prepared for the day, but it can also help you choose the right funeral policy that adequately covers you and your loved ones.

According to StatsSA, the cost of funerals in South Africa has increased by 12%, with no sign of dropping anytime soon. Are you financially prepared? Here is what you need to know.


You could be looking at up to R86,000

If not prepared for, funerals can be an expensive out of pocket cost. On average, South Africans spend a minimum of R23,500 to a maximum of R86,000 to shoulder funeral costs. And this is just the tip of the iceberg since these prices do not include the costs of catering, flowers, tombstones and transporting the body.


Choosing a casket

Funeral parlours will differ in terms of their price range on caskets. However, to give you a general idea of what you will be looking at you could pay anything from R6,000 up to R50,000. The more personalised the coffin is the higher the cost. Having a funeral cover that is able to cover you and your extended family members can help in shouldering the costs


The cost of being cremated is considerably low when compared to being buried. At most, you will be charged R5,000 to have your body or the body of a loved one cremated. There could be an additional R6,000 that will be added to spread the ashes, depending on where you or your loved one wants their ashes to be scattered.


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Funeral parlour fees

The topic of death tends to linger in the back of our minds, which makes the cost of it elusive, but there is a range of costs we need to prepare for.

Funeral parlour fees can cost anything between R5,000 up to R10,000 if you are having the body transported out of the country.

This fee is used to cover the safe keeping of the body, funeral preparations, transporting the body and the hearse that is used.

If you are planning on including a couple of private buses to transport your relatives this could increase the amount. You will still need to consider the cost of digging a grave which will be based on municipal prices and can range between R1,000- R6,000.


Catering costs

Once again, these differ based on the type of funeral your loved one wants, especially with the changes that the COVID-19 pandemic has brought about when it comes to funerals.

However, for the average South African, a cow can cost them up to R15,000. If you are renting a tent, you could foot a bill that could be between R500 - R5,000 depending on the number of people you would want to accommodate.

Should you pass away today, are you and your loved ones financially prepared to handle the costs? Not having a policy in place is more expensive than having to pay the monthly premiums of a funeral cover. Get started today with an affordable policy that will give you and your loved ones peace of mind.

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