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Striking a Balance Between Home and Work Life
Striking a Balance Between Home and Work Life
19 Jun 2020

Working from home may come with its benefits, but one of the responsibilities is finding a way to strike a work-life balance without having to work right up until supper time. If you are wondering how you can separate your work life while working from home, here are some handy tips.

Keep work time as work time

Sticking to routine has become one of the most repeated tips during lockdown and there is a reason for this. Not only does this help you maintain some form of normality, but it can also help you balance your life as you work from home. Sticking to your normal office hours can help you separate work from your downtime that you would usually have. It can also help you set and reach realistic targets, without having to play catch up the next day.

Start off with the difficult tasks

There are tasks that you know will take up most of your time or require your full attention, which can be mentally exhausting. It is important to set out the most important task that you need to complete in the morning while your brain is still alert and fresh before you hit a slump.

Try to get most of your personal tasks completed in the evening, but also be mindful of not letting your personal tasks keep you up at night and mess with your sleep patterns. You could also choose to move any personal difficult tasks to the weekend, to avoid any clashes with work. Remember to take breaks in between so you can come back feeling refreshed and ready to reach your target.

Avoid distractions

Some distractions are inevitable, especially if you have children. But it is important to limit these where you can. For example, have a designated working space that helps you stay focused. Keep digital devices that can be distracting switched off such or placed out of reach. Switching work areas around the house can also help you break out of the lull of having to work in one area, but make sure that it is a place where you can concentrate.

Remember to keep your work separated from spaces where you have your personal time to unwind. This also means not checking any emails or tasks after working hours. Push as much as you can during the day and leave the rest for tomorrow. 

The same way in which you leave work at work, remember to switch off when it is time to knock-off. Avoid doing work after hours but try to complete it the next day. This also goes for weekends which should be kept as a time of rest.  Should there be any work that you need to catch up on you can always choose to start work early during the week than to carry it into your personal time.

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